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One of the best bits of a family ski trip is taking to the slopes together. Watch our advice for skiing with kids to make sure it goes smoothly.


[00:00:11] Skiing with your kids is a lot of fun but it can be stressful. A common thing I see is a kid tearing off down the hill in a straight line, one or both of the parents screaming ‘Slow down, slow down’ – very stressful and possibly slightly dangerous.

How to help kids control their skiing

[00:00:34] So if you actually stay in front of the child, and even use a ski pole to draw a nice, smooth line, it will give them something to follow. It will also help them control their speed and teach them to do a nice, smooth turn.

[00:00:54] Following that line will not only help them control their speed but it will also help them start to lose the snowplough. And you can have a bit of fun with it. Make it into a game. But if they’re in control, nobody’s going to have a heart attack and it’s going to be a much less stressful adventure.

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