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Bad visibility doesn’t mean you can’t hit the slopes. Take a look at our advice for skiing when the clouds roll in.


[00:00:09] Let’s face it – everybody wants to ski in beautiful sunny conditions. It’s not always the case. There are a few tips and tactics that can still make a day like this enjoyable. And the first one is, if you’re in a resort where there are trees, head for the tree line. Which is exactly where I’m going. 

Ski on tree-lined slopes

[00:00:28] So as soon as I’ve dropped into the tree line the, definition on the snow is so much better. It just creates a little bit of shadow and you can see the contours of the slope. The other thing is, ski on slopes you’ve already skied a few times, and there’s a lot less to worry about.

Stay relaxed

[00:00:50] The first thing I see when someone’s intimidated when the light’s like this, is they start staring at the ground, turning into a little bubble, staring at the floor and going tense. Every little bump you’re going to hit is going to knock you off balance. Eyes up, look where you’re going and stay relaxed.

Wear the right goggle lens

[00:01:14] Think about eyewear as well. Now, it is snowing so you’re probably going to have goggles on. But think about the lens. I see a lot of people skiing in conditions like this and they’ve got a very sunny lens on and won’t see much. Make sure it’s a low-light lens. The more you can see, the better you’ll ski. So bear in mind all these little tips and you can have a good day even when the weather is bad.

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