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[00:00:04] Hi I’m James Lockerbie and I’m a snowsports instructor. Today, I’m here at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. Today we’re gonna be looking at the snowplough. What it is, what it’s going to be used for and how it is going to help you guys especially when you’re starting off learning to ski.

What Is The SnowPlough

 [00:00:23] So we’re going to have a quick run through of what the snowplough is and this is the first initial point or platform that you’re making for you to balance over your skis. The snowplough is just a shape that’s like a triangle or a V-shape, however you want to think about it. What we’re going to do is look at how we’re going to do that. You’re going to stretch your legs and turn your feet at the same time. So stretch and turn your feet at the same time. The front of the skis come closer together. And the backs have come wide apart. Don’t need to push this too much otherwise you’re going to go back, see, and lose control of your skis trying to keep it nice and relaxed. Just a small stretch. Keeping our hips over our feet.

Straight Running Into The Snowplough

[00:01:05] Now we’ve had a go on the flat section, making the snowplough shape, find a nice gentle slope with a flat run out so you’re slowing yourself down and we’re going to go from straight running into the snowplough.

 [00:01:17] First of all, make sure you take little steps. Turn around facing down the slope, let your skis run straight. Looking forwards and just as we were talking about before, stretch and turn your feet at the same time.

Holding The SnowPlough

[00:01:37] Now we’ve had a go from straight running to moving into the snowplough, we can try to hold it the whole way down the slope and glide. Okay. Gonna step round, making the little steps into the snowplough shape. Hold it first. Stay nice and relaxed. Keeping our hips over our feet looking forwards. And glide.


[00:02:06] Just going to run through a quick recap of what we’ve covered in this session. So what the snowplough was, having a go, giving it go on the flat. Making that stretching movement and turning the feet both at the same time. Having a go from straight running into the snowplough and then snowplough gliding where we’re holding that position. Nice balanced posture, hips over our feet and we just stay nice and relaxed. Remember don’t rush any movements. Keep it really chilled and you’ve got your instructor there at all times to help you with any personal development you need.

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