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Ski Equipment – The Big Rent Vs. Buy Debate

You may be planning your first ski holiday or you could be on your way back to the slopes for the umpteenth time in as many years. Whatever your level of experience and/or your commitment to the sport, you will have contemplated buying or renting your ski equipment. Before deciding to take the plunge and forking out for your very own gear, heed the following advice to ensure that you make the right decision for you.

Things to consider

How regular a skier are you?
To purchase your own equipment if you only ski once every few years would not be a great idea. Ski gear can be expensive, especially decent stuff that won’t let you down on the slopes. If you are rarely going to use it, why spend a small fortune on something that will simply take up wardrobe space at home.

If you ski for at least two weeks each season, it is likely that you have seriously considered buying your own skis and boots. Skis vary greatly between styles, so to benefit from purchasing your own, ideally you will be well accustomed to a particular type of ski. Buying ski equipment is a big decision and can be a costly exercise so ensure you are 100% sure of size, style and cost before even considering making your purchase.

Will your equipment stand the test of time?
Renting ski equipment is a great way of ensuring you get modern gear in an industry that is constantly evolving. If you are a serious skier, you will want to be using the best equipment to get the very best out of your time on the snow.

Rental shops regularly update their equipment for hire, each season bringing in the latest advancements and technologies. If you cannot afford to purchase a new set of skis, boots and bindings every year or so, renting is the most suitable option to ensure you have access to the best equipment available.

Adding the cost of ski carriage
When you purchase your own ski gear, you will inevitably take it with you every time you head to the mountains. Transferring your skis, boots and poles can be an unexpected expense for those used to renting on arrival. Many airlines will charge extra for taking your skis and will require you to pack them into a regulated carry case. These additional costs can quickly mount up so should be taken into consideration before making your decision.

Grab yourself a bargain
Whatever your final decision in The Big Rent Vs. Buy Debate, don’t spend more than you have to – there are bargains out there. If you decide to make that purchase, shop around for the best prices and look for end-of-season sales to make the most of your money. Renting? Pre-book as early as possible for the cheapest deals and to guarantee your equipment will be ready for your arrival.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question
There really isn’t a definitive answer to this question as each skier’s case will be different. Whether you are new to the slopes or an expert on powder, buying or renting depends entirely on how often you will use the ski equipment and its cost in relation to renting. However, renting seems the more suitable option for the majority of skiers. Take advantage of the quality, up-to-date equipment available at in-resort hire shops so however good you are, head down the slopes on a top quality set of skis.

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