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Staying safe on the slopes this winter

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, piste etiquette is key for keeping everyone safe on the mountain. To make sure you have a great time, the FIS (that’s the Federation Internationale de Ski, or International Ski Federation) came up with 10 rules to follow. Even if you’ve been enjoying the slopes for years, read on for a quick reminder of the 10 rules in the FIS Code of Conduct.

1.Respect for others
Make sure you’re skiing or boarding in a way that doesn’t put anybody around you in danger.

2.Control of speed
Adjust your speed so you’re not going too fast for your ability or the conditions, depending on what the snow or weather is like and how busy the slopes are.

3.Choice of route
People in front of you on the piste have the right of way, so choose your route carefully and make sure you leave enough space so you don’t crash into anyone.

Leave plenty of space when you overtake a slower skier or boarder, so you don’t bump into each other.

5.Entering, starting and moving upwards
If you’re merging onto a new run or are starting skiing again after a stop, look up the mountain first to make sure you’re not going to collide with anyone.

Only stop at the edge of the piste or where you can be seen easily, and definitely not just under a bump or roller. And try not to stop on narrow sections of the slopes so you don’t block the way for others. If you fall over, move to the side of the run as quickly as possible.

7.Climbing and descending on foot
If you’re climbing up or down a slope on foot, always keep to the side so there’s space for others to pass you safely.

8.Respect for signs and markings
Piste signs and markings are there for your safety, so pay attention and obey them.

If someone has an accident on the slope, do your best to help, and alert the resort staff or rescue services if need be. Top tip: Most piste maps have an emergency number on them, so always keep one in your pocket just in case.

Everyone involved in an accident, including those who witnessed it, should exchange names and contact details so the authorities can get hold of you later if they need to.
These rules apply to both skiers and boarders, so keep them in mind and stay safe on the slopes on your next winter holiday.

Other top tips for safe skiing

For more top tips, take a look at our Ski Hacks video about the golden rules for safe skiing…

• Stay hydrated: Carry a water bottle with you to make sure you drink enough and keep your energy up.

• Eat right: Skiing on an empty stomach isn’t a good way to stay focused. Find out more about what to eat when you’re skiing.

• Stop when you’re tired: If you need a break, take it. And don’t let your mates spur you into doing ‘just one last run’ if you don’t feel up for it.

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