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What is dry slope skiing?

Dry slopes are open-air, artificial ski runs that you can find across the UK and Ireland. Unlike the real snow on the mountains or at indoor snow centres, these slopes are made up of tiny plastic bristles.

Why should I learn to ski on a dry slope?

If you’re thinking of going skiing or snowboarding but you’ve never tried it before, you can book a lesson at a dry slope to learn the basics. There’s less grip on dry slopes than on real snow, so perfecting your technique will be more of a challenge – but once you get the hang of it, swapping to snow should be a doddle. They’re also generally quieter than indoor snow centres and, when the weather’s nice, nothing beats skiing under the sun.

What should I wear to go dry slope skiing?

You might not need as many layers on dry slopes as you do in the snow, but wrapping up will help you stay warm outside and keep the bruises at bay if you fall. Make sure you wear a waterproof jacket and trousers and a pair of good ski socks. Gloves are absolutely essential to protect your hands, and don’t forget your sunglasses if you’re heading out on a sunny day. You can rent a helmet when you get there, so there’s no need to buy one in advance.

Where can I go dry slope skiing?

There are over 30 dry slopes across the UK and Ireland. Here are just a few to get you started:





Northern Ireland

Dry Slope Skiing

Have a go at dry slope skiing and start planning your trip to the mountains.

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