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Top 8 winter Christmas films

Winter’s settling in, so what better way to feel festive than grabbing a box of choccies and watching a Christmas film? We’ve rounded up our favourite ski-themed ones to keep us going until we can hit the slopes.

Let It Snow (2013)

A classic TV movie, Let It Snow is packed with cheesy lines and happy endings. Stephanie, a Ski Executive who hates Christmas, is sent to the festive Snow Valley Lodge in British Columbia to decide whether to transform the lodge into a new winter hot spot. But with her Christmas Eve deadline fast approaching, will love get in the way of her decision?

Rosemont (2015)

After a blizzard hits a ski resort in Utah, four strangers are thrown together at the mysterious Rosemont, a lodge that’s been closed for almost 20 years. With life-changing consequences, their stay reveals a blossoming romance, hidden pasts and family struggles. Gripping you from the start, Rosemont is definitely one for your Christmas movie night.

Welcome to Christmas (2018)

Tasked with finding a location for a new ski resort, developer Madison winds up stranded in the small town of Christmas, Colorado. Little does she know, the people there are also on a mission – to make Madison fall in love with Christmas’ community spirit and festive traditions, and convince her it’s the best place for the new resort.

Downhill (2020)

This one isn’t strictly a Christmas film, but the presence of snow, skiing and Will Ferrell (sadly not in his Elf costume) is enough for us. Ferrell stars as dad Pete, who takes his family skiing in Ischgl. But the trip turns sour when a their slopeside lunch is interrupted by an avalanche – and instead of protecting his wife and sons, Pete grabs his phone and runs. Can he redeem himself and save his marriage, or are their days of family ski holidays at an end?

Christmas with a View (2018)

When a celebrity chef accepts a new job at Thunder Mountain ski resort in Canada, he winds up crossing paths with failed restauranteur Clara. We want Clara to have a happily ever after just as much as you, but will Christmas bring along love or will secrets keep them apart?

Sun Valley Serenade (1941)

If you fancy a classic, you can’t beat this black and white musical about a band travelling to a ski resort in Idaho for a Christmas gig. Full of romance, drama and show-stopping dance numbers, it’ll soon have you tapping your feet and singing along.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

While not bursting with Santa and sleigh bells, you can’t beat a classic bit of Bond at Christmas. In this 007 outing, Roger Moore is on a mission to find a missing British spy ship and stop it falling into enemy hands. Packed with chases, suspense and one-liners – not to mention shots of the snowy Italian Alps – it’s got everything you need for a fun night in.

Chalet Girl

A rom-com with a skiing twist, this one sees chalet girl Kim fall for her handsome boss. But with the snowboard competition and its tempting prize money looming, she’s got other things to worry about. Will she take first place and win over her man?

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