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7 ski hairstyles to avoid hat hair

When the temperature drops, a cosy hat is the best way to keep your head warm, whether you’re out in town or in the mountains. But with that comes the dreaded hat hair. So we’ve rounded up the best hairstyles to wear under a hat – or a helmet if you’re on the slopes – to help you stay neat and stylish all day long.

Simple low plait

If you want something super easy, go for a low plait. It’s quick and can be done in so many ways – plait it to the side, add a front braid, plait midway and leave the ends loose… the choice is yours.

Credit: Hey Wanderer

Classic French braid

A simple French braid sits comfortably underneath a hat or helmet and goes the distance on the slopes, keeping your hair in place all day long.

Credit: The Hair Look

Double French braid

Switch up your style with double the plaits. This one can be done with Dutch braids too, which are plaited in the opposite direction to French braids so they stick out more.

Credit: EverydayHairInspiration

Dutch crown braid

Keep your ‘do under control and feel regal at the same time with this plait crown. For maximum comfort, pull gently on the sections of hair once you’ve finished, to loosen them and make the braid fuller and softer.

Credit: laineymariebeauty

Messy double bun

Part your hair down the middle and twist it up into two low buns for a quick way to keep it out of your face and still look stylish. Who said messy can’t be chic?

Credit: NereydaSpeaksHair

Fancy fishtail braid

If you’ve got a little more time to spend on getting ready, try a fishtail braid. It’ll stay neat all day and still look great come après time.

Credit: Kayley Melissa

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