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[00:00:04] Hi I’m Sarah Fish and I’m a snowboard instructor. We’re here today at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. And I’m gonna take you through how to do the first turns on your Snowboard. Now we’re going to break these down into two separate turns. So we have a toe to heel edge turn and a heel to toe edge turn.

Toe To Heel Edge Turn

[00:00:26] The first turn that we’re going to try is the toe to heel edge turn. Now you can see I’m actually facing down the slope at the minute. So for me to stand on my toe edge to start this turn I’d have to roll over and face up the slope. 

How to face up the slope

 [00:00:39] From here I’m going to release my edge by taking the pressure off going into a nice toe edge side slip. Now it’s really important to remember that up to here when we’ve been using our edge we’ve been using our feet at the same time. We’ve been opening and closing the ankle joint to effect the tilt of the snowboard controlling our speed. Now what we’re going to do going into a turn, we’re going to slightly use our feet independently. But like I said it’s nothing new you’ve used your feet like pedals before opening and closing that ankle joint. So if I was stood here now with my toes dug in to the floor and I’ve got my diagonal side slip started, if I want to tip my board down the hill I’m going to look where I want to go and I’m going to start to pull up on my front foot. It’s going to start to direct my board directly down the hill. It’s really important at this stage that your base is completely flat to the floor. It’s only once your base is totally flat that you can then roll it onto the new edge. Now you’re going to start in a centred position. Whenever you’re going down the hill, you’re going to be leaning more weight on your front foot. Once you’ve finished the turn and you’re on your new edge remember find that centre, sink down low to a full stop. So it’s going to look a little bit like this. 

Take that pressure off. I’m still on an edge.

taking an edge off

I’m going to let it flatten out. 


 [00:02:03] And now on my new edge. Sinking down to a controlled stop.

Stopping on a heel edge

Heel To Toe Edge Turn

[00:02:10] So we’ve now mastered the toe to heel edge turn. I now want you to have a go at the other one, the heel to toe side turn. That means I’m going to start off facing down the slope and I’m gonna finish facing up the slope. A really good tip for getting your weight in the right place, when I start to press on to that front foot my knee, my hip and my shoulder are all going at the same time. I’m not trying to lean away from it. Really important. 

Body position

Also, remember look where you’re going. It’s like riding a bike, you’re gonna go where you look. So, for me to finish this turn to stop me looking at my feet at the end because it’s a new movement, I’m going to put my eyes right to the top of the hill. And I’m going to try and focus on something, push down hard and stop completely. So going into this turn, getting a bit of movement. I’ve got my diagonal. 

I’m starting to push down flattening my feet off. 

And now rolling on to my new edge.


Let’s have a little recap. You’ve just learned how to do a toe to heel edge turn and a heel to toe edge turn. It’s really important for you to remember when doing these exercises the slower you go the more controlled you are. Your instructor won’t be impressed with speed. They’ll actually be impressed with how slow people can go because it shows that you’ve got complete control of the board.

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