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Top tips for beginner skiers

Planning your first ski holiday but never put on a pair of skis before? We’ve got your back. Here are some top tips to help you get prepped for the mountain, and make the most of every second.

Do some resort research

When you’re choosing a resort, don’t just go for the big names or your friends’ favourites – find one that’s best for beginners. It’ll have everything a first-timer needs, like English-speaking ski schools and lots of easy green and blue runs where you can practice your new moves. Use the ‘best for beginners’ filter when you search online to narrow down your results.

Take lessons closer to home

Before you head to the mountains, have a go at skiing closer to home by booking a lesson at your nearest dry slope or indoor snow centre. You’ll be shown how to get your gear on before taking to the slope to make your first few turns. What better way to get excited for your trip?

Pre-book ski school

Even if you’ve had a lesson or two back home, you’ll still want some guidance once you get to the resort. Don’t rely on a pal or family member to play teacher though – pre-book some proper tuition with a qualified instructor. You can pick how many hours and days of lessons you want, and even book your ski school, equipment and lift pass as a bundle to save some cash – that means more spending money for après.

Ski lessons in Andorra

Watch our ski hack videos

Everything you need to know is on YouTube nowadays, and skiing is no different. Check out our snappy ski hack videos for tips on things like how to put on your ski boots, how to hold your poles and the golden rules for safe skiing.

Get in shape

Like all sports, skiing needs endurance, balance and strength, so you’ll want to prep your body before you hit the hill. Build up your muscles so you can spend longer on the slopes – and you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself too. Don’t have a gym membership? Have a crack at Slopercise in the comfort of your own front room. Specially designed in collaboration with experts at David Lloyd, the program will work your glutes, thighs and arms.

Learn the lingo

Snowploughs, moguls and lifties – ski jargon is a whole different language, so it’s worth getting familiar it before you go on holiday. Take a look at our guide to ski-related words and slang and you’ll be fluent in no time.

Get packing

Jeans and t-shirts won’t cut it on a ski holiday – you’ll need to pack some proper clothing to keep you warm and dry. See if you can borrow things like salopettes, ski jackets and goggles from your mates. Or, browse the high street and charity shops for some bargains. Skis, boots and helmets are a big investment so it’s best to just hire them. Add them to your holiday booking and they’ll be ready and waiting when you get to the resort.

Don’t overdo it

When you’re on the slopes don’t try anything you don’t feel comfortable with (even if your mates are egging you on). Skiing takes a lot of mental and physical effort – and accidents can happen when you’re tired – so take regular breaks. There’s no such thing as too many hot chocolates stops.

Try something different

Going on a ski holiday isn’t just about skiing. There are often loads of other fun things to do when the lifts close or you just fancy some time off the slopes – from dog sledding and snowshoeing, to ziplining and swimming.

Dog sledding

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