Winter Games are Coming

Have you ever wondered where your favourite winter sporting stars were born? Or how to get involved in an adrenaline-fuelled winter sport? Winter Games Are Coming, provides all of the information you need about winter athletes, 2018 hopefuls, ones to watch for PyeongChang and how you can sign up to get sporty in your area.

Based on their place of birth, Winter Games Are Coming showcases which regions in the UK have produced the most past and present athletes across a variety of winter sports. The research includes British Olympians and Paralympians that have participated in the past three Winter Games, as well as the sports that have been included in each program.

That is not all, you can also explore who are the ones to watch for the next Winter Games in PyeongChang, inspired by their previous sporting successes. Winter Games Are Coming illustrates a list of 2018 hopefuls, who have demonstrated their athletic potential to make it to the Winter Games in February and March next year.

Each winter sport provides information on how families of all ages can get involved in their local area. Whether you are a beginner looking for a taster session in snowboarding, or an experienced sportsperson looking to join a ski club, there is something for everyone. It is never too late to hit the snow and get started.

Winter Games are Coming

Did you know you can train for bobsleigh in Bath? Or that you can learn cross-country skiing in Yorkshire?

Discover where in the country you can get involved in the Winter Games and find out about the sports champions and hopefuls due to compete in PyeongChang 2018.

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