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Top 5 winter horror films

Now that the dark nights, misty mornings and low temperatures are kicking in, and winter is just beginning, it’s all starting to feel a little spooky. As Halloween approaches, why not escape the cold and stick on a scary film? Just make sure you’ve got a cushion handy to hide behind – these five are bound to get your heart racing…

1. Avalanche Sharks

If anything, this film deserves a watch simply for the sheer humility of it. Rating 2.3 on IMDB, Avalanche Sharks tells the story of a bikini contest (yes, in a ski resort) that quickly turns sour when it’s hit by a shark avalanche… Need we say anymore?

2. Winter Kill

Winter Kill is a classic example of an oldie but goodie. If murder mysteries are more your style, this is the one for you. Will the sheriff work out the motive and mind behind the serial killings in this ski resort?

3. The Shining

Even though it’s not actually ski related, we think placing The Shining isn’t totally off-piste. Set in winter, this all-time iconic horror film shouldn’t be overlooked when planning your snow-themed fright night.

4. Shredder

With ’Death to Snowboarders’ adorned on an axe for the film cover, this one could not be left out. If blood and gore is more your thing then this is the movie for you. Featuring the brutal killing of snowboarders by a mysterious masked skier, this film is the perfect way to spook out you and your mates before your next skiing holiday.

5. Frozen

Known as the most successful ski-based horror film, Frozen follows the lives of three skiers that get stranded on a ski lift. With no hope of attracting help, the skiers are forced to make life-or-death choices and decide whether to freeze to death or risk what is below. If anything, the realistic scenario is what makes it so horrifying – will you think twice next time you hop on a ski lift?

If these films haven’t scared you off the slopes, check out and get planning your next ski holiday without the sharks, axes and mysteriously-masked baddies, hopefully…

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