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Get ski ready with Slopercise

There’s nothing like the first day on the mountain. Heading out early to catch the lift and clicking into your skis or strapping onto your board. Making those first turns, fresh tracks and finding your favourite run. You’re feeling on top of the world.

Then day two comes along and it’s a whole different story. Achey legs, sore bum and the curious feeling that the walk to the lift is twice as long as yesterday.

So get your body prepped for the piste with Slopercise. We’ve teamed up with David Lloyd Clubs to create a series of workouts to get you fit for your trip to the mountains. This isn’t just any exercise plan. Slopercise has been specifically designed to tone and tighten the muscle groups you’ll be using the most. Just follow these step-by-step videos to avoid the next-day aches and pains.

It’s a good idea to maintain a decent level of fitness all year round, but we definitely recommend you start training your body at least six weeks before your ski trip.

Each workout starts with a 5-minute warm up and ends with a cool down. You’ll follow the team though each exercise, including the cross-country ski swing, après-ski stein squat and the ski lift queue boredom buster. During Workout 1, each exercise will last 30 seconds, with a 30-second recovery period.

Workout 2 builds on everything you’ve learned in Workout 1 and revisits moves like the ski lift squat and sledge pull for longer and with more intensity. Each exercise will last for 45 seconds, with 20 seconds of recovery time.

And finally, once the first two workouts are feeling easier, you can progress to Workout 3. Continuing with the powder snow pole pull and mogul ski hop, these ski conditioning exercises last for 1 minute, with just 15 seconds’ recovery time to really put you through your paces.

Whether you’ve already booked your ski holiday or you’re still deciding where to go, it’s never too early to get slope-ready. Find all three Slopercise videos on our Crystal Ski Holidays YouTube channel and check out our blog for more tips to help you get fit for skiing.

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