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7 tips to improve your skiing

Eager to boost your ski skills? Check out our top tips to improve your technique and take your skiing to the next level.

Tips for before you go

Get fit

When you’re having fun on the slopes, it’s easy to forget that skiing’s a sport – and you need a good level of fitness for it. Avoid the day-two achey muscles by prepping properly for your trip. Check out our guide on how to get fit for skiing. Or have a go at Slopercise at home – a series of workout videos to get you fit for your trip.

Watch our ski hack videos

Get the most out of your time on the mountain with our handy ski hack videos – bite-sized clips of expert advice that you can watch before you hit the hill. They cover beginner basics like how to put on your ski boots, as well as tips on things like controlling your speed and skiing in flat light.

Skiing tips for intermediates

Book intermediate lessons

If you’re hovering at intermediate level, private or group lessons can get you over the line into expert territory. Every instructor has their own tricks, so they can give tips you’ve never heard before and help fix any bad habits you’ve picked up.

Book onto a specialist clinic

Specialist clinics use targeted coaching and video analysis to teach specific skills like off-piste, freestyle or mogul skiing. They’re limited to small groups or one-on-one tuition so you’ll get more time with the instructor to work on want you want.

Get someone to video you

Watching yourself skiing can help you spot mistakes in your stance and style, so you know what to change to get better. Use an action camera or get a mate to film you on their phone.

Tips for skiing in moguls

Moguls form easily in soft snow, but you’ll also have more control of your skis – you can dig your edges in to turn and stop more quickly. Check out the terrain and plan your first few moves before you set off down the run. On steeper slopes with bigger moguls, aim to finish each turn on top of a bump, to help you slow down before the next one.

Mogul Skiing

Tips for skiing on ice

When the slopes are icy, keep your speed down to give yourself more control and time to react. Put your weight on the downhill ski, and use your edges to dig into the ice to get more grip. And if you get stuck, just turn your skis to face horizontally across the piste and side-slip down instead.

Tips for off-piste skiing

When you go off-piste, it’s important to hire a guide to show you the safest spots and best snow. Exploring this kind of terrain can help improve your balance and stance – but you should be an experienced skier to try it, and take the right safety gear with you. As well as your usual helmet and goggles, carry a transceiver, shovel, probe and avalanche air bag. And make sure you know how to use them.

Off-piste in France

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