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Skiing with little ones? See our tips to find out the safest and easiest way to ride a chairlift with children.


Keeping kids secure on chairlifts

[00:00:11] If you’re on a chairlift with a very small child, a great way to make sure they’re secure is to actually take your ski poles and lay them over your thighs and the child’s thighs. Put your arm around the back of them and hold the pole the other side. That way, they’re totally secure and you can both sit back and enjoy the views. [00:00:29][18.2]

Where kids should sit on the lift

[00:00:45] Another thing to bear in mind when you’re skiing with small kids – it’s a kind of normal parenting reaction to put them in the middle when you’re getting on a chairlift. It’s not the best option. There is something called a kid stop, which is just a safety bar that goes a little bit lower – they will always be on the outside of the lifts. Depending on what side the lift operator is standing, always put the kid on same side as them. 

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