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Just because we love winter doesn’t mean we love being cold. See our tips for keeping warm so you can stay out on the mountain for as long as you like.


Wear layers

[00:00:11] Sounds strange in my job – I hate being cold. Now, there are quite a few things you can do to make yourself feel a little bit more comfortable on those cold days. Firstly, if your hands and feet start really getting cold, it’s pretty much telling you that you maybe need to wear more clothing. So make sure you’ve got enough layers on. Secondly, I always carry a small, thin hat that I can put under my helmet, just to keep my head a bit warmer. Also, liners for my gloves to just keep my hands a little bit warmer. 

[00:00:44] So most modern helmets and clothing have got vents. Make sure they’re shut. And also really try and batten down the hatches – close up the cuffs, collars up and just try and get rid of any exposed skin. 

Keep moving

[00:00:57] Short turns are a great way to get the blood flowing, so if you can get quite dynamic and punchy on the slopes, that will help you stay warm. And if you start to get really cold, get yourself inside, have a break and drink some warm fluids.

How to keep your hands warm on chairlifts

[00:01:31] If you find you suffer from getting cold hands, something to stop doing is holding your metal ski poles when you’re sat on a chairlift. It just goes straight through your glove and makes your hands very cold. Pop them under your shoulder. Put your hands together. By the time you’re at the top of the lift, your hands will be nice and warm.

[00:02:01] So even when it’s absolutely Baltic, there are still ways to prepare for that.

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