Welcome to Ski Hacks – a series of bite-sized videos with expert advice from pro ski instructor Darren Turner. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, they’re designed to give you tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your time on the mountain.

No one wants foggy goggles or bad visibility. Follow our top tips to see clearly on the slopes.


Carry a spare goggle lens

[00:00:11] Talking about your goggles. Firstly, start to understand that lenses aren’t always the same. Now, if it’s a beautiful day and I know what’s happening, I don’t need to carry a spare one. But if I’m not sure what the weather’s going to be doing, I’ve always got my spare lens with me in my jacket. I can take that out and change it quick, depending on the conditions.

How to avoid foggy goggles

[00:00:44] A lot of people have problems with their goggles fogging up. Now, there are a few ways to avoid that happening. Quite often it’s when you’re getting hot and overheating and moving around, maybe not even skiing, when you’ve left the goggles on your face. If your face starts getting hot, lift them up, get them on the helmet, and they shouldn’t fog up.

[00:01:18] Another thing to watch out for – if you use one of those face masks when you have your jacket up around your face, often your breath goes up into the goggles. So to avoid that happening too much, leave a bit of a gap and keep that air circulating.

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