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Winter sports iPhone games

What makes a great iPhone game? Playability, addictiveness, graphics? In a word, yes. When we started our search for the best snowsports games on the iPhone, our hopes weren’t that high. We’d played some poor games and the standard was set pretty low. Oh how wrong we were.

Do a bit of research on google (other search engines are available) and you’ll quickly find plenty of ski, snowboard and other ice/snow based sports. Some of them are really good. And we mean they’re actually REALLY good.

So, if you’re thinking of downloading a new game or maybe you have already and wanted to see if we rated it. Enjoy the Ski Buzz roundup of the Best Snowsports iPhone Games…

Winter X Games iPhone

X Games Snocross – £2.99
Even the little logo makes this game look amazing. Hanging off the back of a snowmobile must be fun, right? Damn right. This game looks awesome and doesn’t disappoint for playability. Get this game and have a lot of snow-based family-friendly fun. It’s that simple.
Buy X Games Snocross here

The Ski Channel

Ski Channel Touch Ski 3D – £1.19
There’s plenty to challenge you on this game. It’s got freestyle, racing, slalom, ski jumps and more. Not the most beautiful of games, Touch Ski makes up for it with how addictive it is. Touch Ski, as the name suggests, uses an innovative touch control system helping it stand out from its peers.
Buy Ski Channel Touch Ski 3D here

Vancouver 2010 iPhone Game

Official Vancouver 2010 Game – £0.59
Cheap as chips and it looks a lot of fun. Don’t be deceived though, this isn’t the most child-friendly of games and i’m happy with that. It’s a challenge to play but it’s pretty decent. With only 5 events, it offers limited fun but what do you expect for 59p?
Buy the Official Vancouver 2010 Game here

Curling iPhone Game

Age of Curling – £2.39
A great app with pretty good graphics. It’s not too ground-breaking but then curling is a simple idea. It does more than enough to capture the essence of this strangely addictive sport. And remember, it’s one of the Olympic events that we Brits are ‘supposedly’ good at.
Buy Age of Curling here

Biathlete Lite iPhone Game

Biathlete lite – FREE
What more could you want from a game? Skiing and shooting – and you even have to choose how heavy your gun is. And it’s FREE. Now, that’s entertainment. The balance between speed and accuracy is the key here so fingers at the ready.
Get Biathlete lite here

There are so many winter sports iPhone games that we’ve merely scratched the surface. If you’ve got any thoughts, let us know. But, you’d probably be right to think we’ll be knocking out another post or two about this subject in the near future.

Look out for our best ski iPhone games, best snowboard iPhone games and maybe even best snowball throwing iPhone games – they almost certainly exist…

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