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To wear or not to wear a ski helmet

A new study in to the use of helmets in the ski industry has been launched by a Masters student at a UK university. She’s requesting skiers or snowboarders to complete an online survey on their thoughts and beliefs regarding helmet wearing at all levels for snowsports, whether or not they are helmet wearers themselves.

“Although fatalities from snowsports are quite rare, the primary cause of death is traumatic brain injury either on its own or in combination with other injuries. There is evidence to suggest that the use of helmets may reduce the risk of serious head injuries by as much as 50%. Nevertheless, use of helmets varies widely across regions with uptake as low as 12% in some areas.”

“The patterns of helmet usage also vary with some people wearing them whenever they ski or snowboard whilst others use helmets only occasionally.” said Mary Ondrusz, an MSc student carrying out the research project in health psychology at the University of Surrey.

As part of a study that tries to discover some of the reasons why people may or may not wear helmets when they are skiing and/or snowboarding, a questionnaire has been designed that seeks opinions about the use of helmets in snow sports. So far most respondents have been competitive skiers and helmet wearers and Mary is keen to hear from less experienced skiers and boarders and/or those who are perhaps less strong believers in helmet wearing.

The survey, which is completely confidential and should take 10-20 minutes to complete, is at:

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