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The 5 best Android ski apps for 2011/12

Ski & Snow ReportThere are a huge number of ski related apps available on the market these days. Some offer huge amounts of technical information and applications, whilst others are wonderfully simple. Having reviewed some of these last year, we thought it was about time to re-investigate to see if and how the technology has progressed.

Here are the 5 best Android ski apps that we found for 2011/12:

1. iTrailMap

The iTrailMap app has many features to it. Once a resort’s maps are downloaded, you can pan and zoom a paper map of over 750 international resorts currently available, and touch and hold for one finger zoom. This means not only no hanging around with freezing fingers waiting for a map to load, but also finding a slope or lift is far quicker! Once downloaded, no network or internet coverage is required to use the GPS location on a map. The app can be used by skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, and hikers alike to record routes, and upload them to the internet, to record vertical feet, and also distance skied/walked etc. The 3D version which is currently available on the iPhone will be available for Androids soon. The iTrailMap app can be purchased through Android Market here.

2. Satski V2.1

Satski is a thorough and comprehensive app for skiers. Updated for the 2011/2012 season, it provides performance information such as speed and distance, plus navigation and tracking on piste maps. The navigation aspect is similar to the iTrailMap app; once downloaded to your phone, no data connection is required to view. Further features include buddy tracking, photo geo-tagging for social media, resort information, snow and weather, plus an emergency feature. The app costs £3.20, and can be purchased here.

Webcam Snow Conditions3. Ski & Snow Report

The Ski & Snow Report app is useful when booking last minute getaways to the snow, and also once you’re there. The app provides five day weather forecasts, first-hand reports from other skiers, and live ski cams. All very useful in the morning when you’re deciding whether to hit the slopes or snooze just one more time… Users are also able to locate ski areas nearby, and get ‘powder points’ locating new snowfall. The app is free, and can be installed here.

4. SkiPhone

This definitely falls in to the category of simple: an app that allows you to use your phone, without you having to take your gloves off! Simple, but oh, so wonderful! Once installed, this app allows the user to control the phone by shaking it: shaking it up and down launches voice actions, whilst shaking it front to back allows you to take a picture. SkiPhone is free to install, and can be found here.

Track Speed and Distance5. Sports Tracker

This app isn’t specific to skiing; it’s a sports all-rounder with a plethora of functions. Useful for pre-holiday training as well as on the slopes, Sports Tracker encourages users to get fit. Users are able to track and analyse performance, monitor progress made, plus share work out details with friends on social media. For skiers, the features most likely to prove valuable are: keeping track of average speed and altitude, maps, time and distance calculators. Sports Tracker is free to install, and can be done so here.

So that’s our top 5! If you have other apps that have been particularly useful, fun, or otherwise worth a mention, please get in touch – you can leave a comment below or visit our facebook page and join in the discussion there.


This post was written by Tess Bowles from Crystal Ski

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