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SKIDATA launches lift tickets from your iPhone App

SKIDATA has launched a new iSkiPass application allowing users to quickly and securely buy a ski pass from their iPhone. This solution is the first ski pass reservation application for iPhones. It is immediately available on the App Store – under “iSkiPass” – and will soon be accessible on other mobile platforms.

The system works by skiers buying their ski pass from their iPhone, loading it automatically onto an RFID card – a keycard or a Swatch Snowpass – and using this card to directly access all ski lifts. This process – which is highly convenient when on the go – helps avoid waiting in line at ticketing offices and is the perfect complement to online reservations.

During this first phase and until the end of the season, several leading ski resorts in the Swiss Alps are selling ski passes (valid up to 3 days) on the new iSkiPass selling application. To take advantage of this, skiers simply need to download the iSkiPass application and enter their personal data along with the number of cards needed. Buying one or several ski passes takes only a few seconds. As soon as the application delivers the confirmation number, access to the ski resort lifts is authorized.

“As of today, in addition to the web services which have been available for several years now, ski resort operators can benefit from this highly innovative sales channel which is permanently available to their clients”, stated Charles Egli, SKIDATA CEO.

This solution will be available worldwide, starting with the 2010-2011 winter season.

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