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Group ski holiday tips

Planning a skiing holiday with a group of family or friends? There are ways to ensure that it will be a complete success so listen very carefully to our group ski tips and your next group skiing holiday will be a hassle-free experience. Going away on holiday is stressful at the best of times but travelling with a large group can be terrifying. Use our guide to group skiing and plan, organise and eventually enjoy a fantastic ski holiday.

Group ski tip No. 1 – Sort your ski group numbers ASAP

Whenever you are looking to travel, it is much better to have your group numbers finalised well in advance. Discuss with your group who wants to go, where they want to go and how much they are willing to spend. It will be much easier for you and your travel agent to organise a group ski trip with accurate numbers.

Group ski tip No. 2 – Stick to your holiday budget

It is unlikely that your entire group will be present at every stage of booking your group ski trip. Try to set an achievable budget with your group, so that when it comes to finalising the booking, the group leader knows that the cost is affordable to all members of the ski group. Don’t get lumbered with someone else’s debts because you booked a holiday that was too expensive and they pulled out at the last minute.

Group ski tip No. 3 – Book your ski holiday in advance

Whether you are travelling with family or friends, group skiing will take longer to organise than a holiday with just a partner. Take this into account when booking, giving you plenty of time to finalise all the details. This is important for getting the best accommodation too as chalets will be booked earlier than hotel rooms. If you want a decent chalet, get in early or risk being left with Fawlty Towers in the mountains.

Group ski tip No. 4 – Pre-book your ski extras, saving time and money

Pre-booking can often give you the opportunity to receive special early-booking discounts on the additional parts of your holiday. Organise airport transfers, equipment hire and packages for your group, all available online or as part of your package. On the day you depart for the snow, you will feel a lot more relaxed if everything is organised and paid for.

Group ski tip No. 5 – Choose the right resort for your ski group

It is possible that your group will consist of skiers or snowboarders of differing levels of ability. Ensure when you book your ski resort that it provides suitable slopes for every member of the group. This will guarantee that everyone will have slopes to ski and won’t be left on the sidelines wishing they were somewhere else. After their time on the slopes, your group will be looking for some sort of après-ski action. Ensure this is suitable for your group – avoid trashy 18-30 style places if you are a family, or head straight for them if you’re more interested in off-piste activities.

Group ski tip No. 6 – Choose the right accommodation for your ski group

After picking the destination for your ski holiday, the next step is to choose your accommodation. Again, this must be suited to your group’s size and needs, with chalets, hotels and apartments from which to choose. Your group size will enable you to narrow down your search as our chalets are organised into groups of how many they sleep. Pick somewhere that is close to the slopes, village centre or both. You will be thankful for this after a gruelling day on the slopes.

Group ski tip No. 7 – Take advantage of group ski discounts

Ski companies can give discounts for booking group ski trips. See what’s available and try to get money off – the more people going, the more likely this is going to be successful. Your role in organising the group ski holiday seems to be a lot of hassle with little reward. However, many companies will give a little bit back to group ski leaders. As well as special offers for free places to large groups, group leaders can get free ski extras.

Group ski tip No. 8 – Research the ski resort

Before and after you make your booking, have a look at the resorts and see what each one has to offer. There may be special ski or snowboard packages, discounted lift passes or great off-piste, researching the resorts will ensure you make an informed decision when booking. Once you have booked, learn as much as you can about your chosen ski resort. The more you know about your destination, the more prepared you will be to have a great time on the slopes.

So, there we have it – our top 8 tips for your group skiing holidays. I hope these help any group skiers looking to book a trip for the first time. It can be a little daunting but it will be worth it in the end. Your mates will be grateful and buy you lots of beer to make it even more worthwhile. If they don’t buy you any beer, don’t invite them next time… simple as that.

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