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Brits still drink-skiing in the Alps

According to a survey by a leading insurance company, more than half a million skiers will hit the Alpine slopes this season under the effects of alcohol.

Of 1072 skiers interviewed by More Th>n, 72% stated that their nightly drinking exploits would not affect their ability to ski the next day.

With drink-driving given such media attention at home, it’s a little surprising that drink-skiing seems acceptable to so many people. As recently as December 2009 the British Ambassador to France, Peter Westmacott, launched a new anti-binge drinking campaign. Yet, it seems to have had little effect on British skiers’ mentality so far.

Intermediate skiers will travel at speeds of up to 20mph – posing a serious danger when coming into contact with others. Last year, more than 30 British skiers died while on skiing holidays and half of these were under 25 years old. Many of these deaths and countless other accidents occurred because British skiers underestimate the effect of alcohol at high altitude.

As well as skiing while under the influence, there have been high-profile deaths due to skiers becoming disoriented and lost while returning home from a night out. Slippery paths, poor visibility and the thin atmosphere all make the simplest tasks more difficult when intoxicated.

So, if you’re heading to the mountains for a ski holiday – follow these simple guidelines:
1) Don’t expect your hangover to clear as you ski, hit the slopes a bit later
2) If you’re on a night out, drink alcoholic drinks slowly.
3) Make sure you eat decent meals and drink plenty of water.
OR) The only 100% successful method – don’t drink any alcohol.

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