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Blackberry Ski Apps – Our Pick

Our avid readers know we’ve already picked the best iPhone ski apps and discussed what apps are available on the Android. “But, what about my beloved Blackberry?” you cried. Well, we’ve had a look at what Blackberry ski apps there are, how much they cost and if they’re worth getting.

After an intense grilling we came up with our favourite ski apps for your Blackberry and we even put them in a blog. And here it is…

GPSSkiMaps Logo

GPSSkiMaps – $7.99 – $39.99

This app has so many features that we can’t go into great detail here. But in a nutshell you get live run by run analysis, offline GPS piste maps, ski tracks, live animations, ski track summary and you can even export your tracks.

Depending on where you want maps for, the price will vary. All of Europe for $39.99 or all of North America for $29.99 are the best value or you can buy single resorts for less. Tempted? Get GPSSkiMaps here and get out on the slopes…

Tripometer Ski App

Tripometer $2.99

Use your Blackberry’s GPS receiver to give you accurate analysis of your speed and distance on the slopes. Great for skiers and snowboarders, you could also use it for any other activities you may enjoy. Make sure your GPS tracks you before you start so you get excellent readings.

Imre Kadar’s Tripometer will set you back a small fee of just $2.99 USD. Get it here and start tripometering soon.

Ski'n'Fun ski app for blackberry

SkiNFun $6.99

Bringing gaming into the 21st Century, SkiNFun challenges you to ‘play skiing the way you have never played before!’. Making the most of Blackberry’s Storm accelerometer, SkiNFun allows you to control your skier simply by tilting your handheld device. None of those crazy buttons or joysticks here. You do need to tap the screen to jump though.

It really is SkiNFun although one critic on claimed “Das Spiel hat eine schlechte Grafik und bietet zu wenig.” Slightly harsh we feel. If this brutal critique hasn’t put you off – download SKiNFun now.

Backcountry Ski App

Backcountry Ski Lite – FREE/$4.99

So, you’ve been on the slopes all day and you’ve still not had enough. Pop into the hotel bar or jump in the bath and get your blackberry out. Then play to your heart’s content on Backcountry Ski Lite – the 3D skiing game.

Available as a free trial with 3 trails (say that after a few Jägerbombs) or for $4.99 for the full game with 21 trails. For your free copy, download Backcountry Ski Lite here

And that’s your lot for now. Have you noticed any that we missed off? Please let us know if these aren’t the best Blackberry ski apps you’ve been using. We’re only human after all and always willing to accept criticism…

Thanks for dropping by and happy skiing.

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