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Altitude Festival Méribel

The annual ski/comedy festival has been a big hit this week. Despite the adverse weather conditions, there have been great laughs and great music as expected!

Comedians performing at this week long event, from 20th – 26th March, include: Marcus Brigstocke, 4 Poofs & a Piano, Al Murray, Andrew Maxwell and many other comedians – for full details see

The comedy event is now in its 3rd year with stand-up gigs taking place all over town. The surprise hit is a duet, Abandoman, who mix improvisation and rap. They ask a few people in the audience about themselves and then improvise a hip-hop act from the answers. Very funny.

One of the biggest draws was 4 Poofs and a Piano, or rather 4 Poofs and a P45 as they joked following the axing of Jonathan Ross’s Show by the BBC. They did a mix of jokes, cabaret songs, dance routines and generally sent themselves up.

The comedians can be seen wandering round town or sliding around the mountain while it brings a special atmosphere to the resort where 40% of its guests are British.

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