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Skiing In The Future – Why You Should Book For Winter 18/19

With the launch of our Winter 2018/19 holiday portfolio, we’ve been thinking about skiing, the future, skiing in the future, and how exciting it’s probably going to be. Read on for our predictions about what skiing will probably look like in the near future. Probably.

There will be hoverboards

No snow? No problem. All snowboards now float half a foot above the ground, rising and falling gracefully with whatever terrain you happen to be crossing. ‘But I want to feel the snow beneath my board,’ I hear you cry, ‘that feeling of fluffy resistance as I swoop effortlessly in and out of turns!’

– Who are you kidding? No you don’t. You want a hoverboard – and now you’ve got one.

Hoverboards are the future. Definitely. Photo © Marcus Meissner

Hoverboards are the future. Probably. Photo © Marcus Meissner

Chairlifts will just fly

In an attempt to make chairlift rides cooler, lift companies will have invented and implemented flying lifts across the Alps and North America. Also, in an attempt to ride the wave of renewed Harry Potter fever in the wake of further J.K. Rowling film announcements, button lifts – which also fly – will be modeled after broomsticks.

Flying chairlifts. The obvious next step.

Flying chairlifts. The obvious next step.

All of Europe will be lift-linked

Prompted by the outrageous success of recent growth across the Alps, resort companies will have grouped together to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy across the entire continent, linking Arlberg with the Dolomiti Superski and Switzerland, where gondolas will run to French resorts like The Three Valleys and all the way up to the Nordics. Sleeper gondolas – which fly – will be made available to facilitate self-serve ski-away days.


Make sure you got a seat on the gondola from Alpe d'Huez to St. Anton

Make sure you get a seat on the gondola from Alpe d’Huez to St. Anton.

Non-powder days will be a thing of the past

Snow cannon technology will probably have evolved to the point – and size – that fresh downfalls of fluffy powpow are available every day of the week. This renders the hoverboards all but useless, but we keep those around anyway, because they’re cool.

Every day will be like this in the future. Mkae sure you invest in good salopettes

Every day will probably be like this in the future. Make sure you invest in good salopettes.

Ski Gear will have dropped radically in price

Through a fluke shift in the stock market of which there is absolutely no downside, ski gear has suddenly and miraculously dropped in price to become what economic commentators are calling ‘perfectly reasonable’, with safe and aesthetically pleasing helmets now available for as little as £20.

Look how happy they are to get a great deal!

Look how happy they are to get a great deal!

Ski Deals and Offers for Winter 18/19

Now admittedly most of this article is 100% speculative. There are a few things we know for sure though, like the fact that Crystal has some great deals and offers lined up. Find all the best deals for next season here, grab two-for-one lift passes with holidays to Finland or order this year’s glossy new Guide to the Mountain for more insight and inspiration than you could shake a stick at.

So there you have it – our predictions for your winter 17/18 ski holiday. And if they’re not worth booking for, we don’t know what is. See if they come true and keep up to date with cool snowy stuff all year round by liking us on Facebook and Twitter, following us on Instagram or signing up to receive our awesome emails.

Words by Tom Ransome-Jones

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