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8 Reasons to visit the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show 2016

October 27th-30th sees the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show, London’s Alpine Festival, return to Battersea Park. If you haven’t been before, here’s why you should have a look around this year. If you have been before, here’s why you should go again.

  1. Let’s go in strong:



Crystal are sponsoring the Ski Show’s free ice rink. It’s big, it’s cold, it’s got our name on it and you can slide about on it to your heart’s content. Or until the end of your allotted time slot. You know how it is.

  1. We’ll be there:


Some lovely and knowledgeable folks from Crystal will be there getting excited about the winter to come, offering advice on destinations, giving out free stuff and generally making sure you have a great time. Come and say hello, ask any questions you might have or just for a quick chat – we’d love to meet you.

  1. We’re offering discounted tickets:


Book your tickets here and get a 15% discount off your day of alpine exploration in the heart of London.

  1. There will be pro skiers & boarders doing big jumps:


The Ski Show’s kicker is famous throughout the UK ski scene for hosting huge names on its one-stop terrain park. Come and see the likes of Team GB’s Youth Olympic Halfpipe Champion Madi Rowlands showing off and have your secret, inward suspicion that you’re basically the Kanye West of skiing dashed into the frozen wastes of disappointment.

  1. We’ll basically have The Matrix with us:


Have you had a go with Virtual Reality technology recently? If you haven’t, come along and have a play. We’ll have a couple of VR headsets over at our Crystal stand, so you can explore snowy Alpine slopes as if you were really there.

  1. All the ski brands are gonna be there:


If you’re an après fashion aficionado, you might want to make an appearance. Loads of big and small names from across the industry will be there showcasing all their new gear for the coming season – it’s the perfect opportunity to buy some new mitts, then get them on loads of other cool stuff before anybody else.

  1. Altitude Comedy Festival have a tent there:


There will be comedians telling jokes in a tent. ‘But I would normally pay to see comedians!’ I hear you cry. Yes you would – here though, it’s included in your ticket price. You’re ‘avin a laugh.

  1. Norway are hosting a bar:


So grab a beer and talk about Nordic skiing. On Friday 28 they’re open ‘til 10pm for an après party. See you there.

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