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[00:00:02] Hi I’m Sarah Fish and I am a Snowboard Instructor. We’re here today at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and I’m going to take you through how to link your basic turns together for the first time. We’re going to do that by putting a little break in between so we’re not rushing anything. And then we’re also gonna learn how to link them together keeping momentum. After that I’m going to show you how your basic turn is gonna develop into a standard turn and what the difference is between the two.

Linked Basic Turns

The main thing here is there’s nothing new that you’re doing, you’re just trying to concentrate on linking the two together. So remembering when you’re setting off to take the weight off as well, when you want to go down the hill because again it just releases the edge and makes it a little bit easier. I’m now gonna take it off. Get it down the hill. And then put it back on.

Basic snowboarding turn

Standard Turns

So now you’ve mastered linking your turns together while stopping in between. Now what we want to do is keep a little bit of momentum so we’re not going to stop completely. You still need to slow down though by applying that pressure and gripping with the edge of your snowboard. Now the best tip that I’ve got for you to link them together without stopping is literally I’m going to keep my head looking in my direction of travel all the time. I’m now going to take it off. Get it down the hill. And then put it back on. Again I’m going to take that weight off. Get my board down the hill. And put it back on.

standard turns snowboarding


[00:01:48] Let’s have a little recap. You’ve now pieced the puzzle together. You’ve joined the two separate turns, linking them, so that you’re now continuing down the mountain in a nice S-shape that you see all the other snowboarders do. We started off by making it nice and slow so you were stopping in between so that you knew how much control you had on your snowboard. Then we moved to keeping momentum so you’re continuously moving down the hill. Like we talked about, this naturally will turn into a standard turn. It’s really important for you to play around with these movements and push it as far as you can go. You’re supposed to fall over and see what the limits are on a snowboard. It’s the best way of doing it. It makes it more fun.

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