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5 summer activities to keep fit for the slopes

Just because the snow melts and the lifts stop, doesn’t mean we have to forget about our favourite sport.

Of course, you could head to a glacier or even fly to the Southern Hemisphere to get on the piste, but there’s no need to go that far to stay in shredding shape.

Here’s five things you can do throughout the summer to keep fit for the slopes.

1. Mountain Biking

The UK has one of the biggest mountain bike industries in the world, having grown enormously in the last few years as a participation sport. There are some amazing facilities all over the country and some are considered world class.

It’s good for skiers because it builds stamina, keeps the legs in shape and also tones the upper body. You don’t have to be a crazed downhill loon either – there are trails for all levels and cross country mountain biking provides the best balance between fitness and skills to help you keep in shape and ready for the winter again.

Scotland and North Wales are particularly good for obvious reasons, but there’s some surprising gems in other parts of Britain too, like Swinley Forest near Bracknell or Thetford in Norfolk.

2. A proper gym

Ski racers train in many different ways and have a variety of tools to help them balance their exercise regime. One of the most effective ways for skiers to increase leg strength is to perform squats with an Olympic Bar.

Firstly, it’s important you learn to do this in the correct way to avoid injury. Once you’ve got your technique down though, it’s relatively easy and affordable to build a set up at home or in the garage.

If you’re serious about your skiing and really want to build your leg strength up through the summer, this is probably the most effective way.

3. Ice Skating

The UK is full of indoor ice rinks, so take advantage of them on hot days. It’s not the same as skiing of course – you’re not travelling downhill to start with – but there are similarities:

The balance required to ice skate at a higher level requires practice and skill and is very similar to the balance required when skiing. Lean too far back and you’re on the floor, too far forward and you have the same problem. This trains you to be perfectly balanced over your feet which is a crucial element of skiing.

Kids like it too, so it’s a good introduction for them, even before they take to the slopes and at least provides a good all-round balance experience that will benefit them when it comes to skiing.

4. The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer

There’s a few tools out there that help skiers out when they’re not actually on the slopes. This one has caught people’s attention for its simplicity, effectiveness and low cost option.

Attach to your own ski boots and balance in the living room. There’s four different levels, green, blue, red and of course black – even the best skiers struggle to remain perfectly balanced on the black blocks.

Designed specifically to train your centred balance and literally change your physiology so your body memorises its muscle reflex – the SkiA trainer is an ideal all year around tool for skiers that want to make big improvements in performance and have some fun at the same time.

5. Indoor and artificial ski slopes

The UK has a long tradition with artificial slopes and although many have closed down in the last ten years, there’s still plenty of excellent facilities all across the country.

Outdoor dry slopes are open year-round and although some don’t like the hard, bristly surface, it has proved highly successful and is an excellent place to learn how to ski or keep in shape.

Indoor slopes provide an amazing opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to continue to practice and make improvements ready for their winter holidays.

There are also many courses available for all levels including advanced recreational skiers on all the UK’s indoor snow slopes.

Whether you have access to slopes or not, there’s plenty of ways to keep your ski-legs on in the summer months. Let us know how you’re keeping fit away from the slopes by posting a comment or chatting to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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