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Get Fit For The New Ski Season


The modern ski workout

Skiing is physically demanding and requires a high level of personal fitness. Due to the nature of the sport, improving your ski fitness will have a massive effect on your ski performance as well as your enjoyment on the snow.

By preparing for your ski holidays in advance, you should attempt to improve your flexibility, strength and stamina. These three ski fitness targets are key to your physical condition and making the most of your time on the slopes.

Flexibility is so important to your skiing abilities. Many people will ignore this vital part of ski fitness as they attempt to achieve a more noticeable difference in their physique. Stretching and warming up while in training, and eventually on the slopes, will give you more chance of avoiding injuries while skiing.

Spending hours on the snow can be tough for your body so prepare your muscles beforehand by ensuring they are stretched and ready. As your legs will take most of the strain on the slopes, you must ensure they are fully-stretched before heading out to ski.

Increasing your strength will allow you to test your abilities to a higher level and for a longer time. Most of the strain when you are skiing will be put onto your thighs, although it is important that during your training that you don’t neglect upper body work.

All-round body strength is important to achieve the optimum ski fitness levels. Focus on your leg strength and core muscle groups to improve basic strength, with extended repetitions of your chosen exercise to improve your endurance and stamina.

By improving your stamina, your time on the slopes will last longer and give you the chance to make the most of your ski holiday. Skiers will spend hours upon hours on the slopes, putting their bodies through rigorous exercise as well as the occasional fall.

The first day of skiing will always leave you feeling muscles that didn’t exist before your holiday. If you put the time in before your holiday, your ski fitness will improve, giving you much more time doing what you love – skiing.

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