How to snowboard

Lets face it there’s nothing cooler looking than someone ripping up a mountain on a snowboard. Unfortunately, before you get to that point you’ve got to learn how to snowboard first. That can be the intimidating part. Knowing where to start. Trying to figure out the technique. Hoping you don’t look completely out of your depth in front of the cool kids.

That’s why we’ve made this series of videos that will walk you through the early steps of learning to snowboard. Giving you a foundation to work from before taking your lessons.


How Hard Is It To Snowboard?

Those who know how to snowboard make it look effortless. But the reality is that it’s not. In fact there’s an old mountain proverb that:

“Snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master than skiing”

What that basically means is that the technique for snowboarding is a little more alien to people than skiing is. Instead of your body facing forward you’re more often than not facing sideways with both feet strapped on to what is essentially a plank of wood – which is just weird.

All of the above means that when learning snowboarders spend a bit more time on their bottoms than skiiers do. But once they’ve learnt the pay off is big. As they more often than not progress at a much faster rate once they’ve mastered the basics. 


What Our Learning To Snowboard Series Will Take You Through

Our video series on how to snowboard will walk you through the following steps:

It’s that first step of learning how to snowboard. You’ve  got the board there with all this stuff attached to it but no clear idea on how to get your feet into it.

This video will take you through everything from clearing the snow from your boot, how to slide your foot in to tightening the ratchet.

Your snowboard stance is the foundation from which you will learn to board.

A bad stance will lead to badly balanced boarder. This video will show the basic technique for standing on your board and give you the building block from which you can learn how to snowboard.

This is the start of learning to control the speed of your snowboard. It’s basically the equivalent of the brake when learning to drive.

This video will introduce you to tilt on the board, walk you through the technique for a heel edge side slip and also start helping you to get a feel for your edges.

The toe edge side slip is you balancing on your toes and controlling your speed sliding down the mountain.

This video will walk you through the how to get into position for the side slip, the basic technique as well as helping you to get a feel for your toe edge.

This is the point where you start putting the little pieces together getting you closer to ripping up the mountain.

This video will walk you through the process of combining your heel edge side slip and your toe edge side slip until you’re at the point where you’ve got the foundations of you’ve first standard turn

Now is the point where you put it all together.

Everything you’ve learnt from your stance to the both side slips all comes together as you effortlessly switch from one turn to the other.

What Do You Want To Learn First?

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