Welcome to Video 3 of our Learning To Ski Series. Feel free to watch the videos above or you can work through the transcript below with the accompanying images.

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[00:00:03] Hi my name’s James Lockerbie. I’m here at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. On this video we’re going to be making some snowplough turns. We need to turn to be able to control our speed to slow ourselves down. First of all we’re just going to be looking at using the snowplough pointing it side to side in a little bit of a snowplough wiggle.

The Snowplough Wiggle

 [00:00:25] All I want you to do is make your snowplough shape. Big steps and then little to turn around. Looking down the slope you’re just going to be pointing the tips of your skis from side to side. Let the skis turn first and your body follow. Looking down, just pointing them side to side in a little wiggle as you go down the slope

Linking Turns

So now we’ve had a go at small little shallow turns and the snowplough wiggle. I want us to try and make some round C-shaped turns. To make us turn we’re going to need to shift our weight from side to side and move our legs by stretching and softening them to keep us balanced over our skis as we turn. When we turn, we’ve got one ski that will go around the outside of the turn and one ski that will go on the inside. We’re gonna have a little look now down the slope at me linking the turns and going through the movements. So at the top of the turn, I’m stretching onto the outside and softening through the turns. Stretching onto the outside and softening through the turns. Stretch and soften. 

The Clapping Exercise

A great exercise to help you with the movements and making the turns is we’re going to use some claps. Now at the top of the turn I want you to clap behind your back and then as you’re going round through the turn clap down beside your outside knee. Each turn you’re going to be switching sides. Clapping at the top of the turn, clap down by the outside knee. Clapping at the top of the turn, clap down by the outside knee.


[00:02:26] So just gonna run through a quick recap of what we’ve gone through in this video. So remember when you’re starting off in the snowplough just pointing the tips of the skis side to side. As we’re making larger turns we’re going to need to add in some movements where we’re stretching and relaxing the legs, shifting our weight side to side to make sure our skis are turning around the slope. Now remember if you’ve got any difficulty of whatever we’ve gone through then you’ve got the instructor there at all times that can help you with your personal development.

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