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[00:00:03] Hi I’m Sarah Fish and I’m a snowboard instructor. We’re here today at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and I’m going to take you through a toe edge side slip.

What Is The Toe Edge Side Slip?

[00:00:14] A toe edge side slip is you balancing on your toe edge, sliding down the slope, controlling your speed for the first time on your own. It’s how you’re gonna learn how to brake and it’s going to make you feel safe and in control of your snowboard.

The Basics

 [00:00:30] So when we’re doing a toe edge or a heel side slip, we’re literally adding tilt to the Snowboard. So if it was flat to the floor we’d slide quite fast. So all you’re gonna do is tilt it up, add pressure to the edge you want to grip and it’s going to slow you down. If you want to go faster in this exercise just let the board flatten off and it’ll slide. To go slower, increase the edge tilt and add the pressure.

Toe edge tilt

Posture & Stance

[00:00:58] Before we attach the snowboard to the feet, I want to take you through the body position so you can have a little feel in yourself of what it is going to feel like before you actually strap on.

[00:01:06] So turn yourself around, facing up the slope, I want you to plant your feet in a comfortable snowboard position, similar to what you stand like on your snowboard already. Starting off from the feet up

[00:01:19] I’m just going to stand relaxed as always. So bending the ankles, bending the knees and for this position I’ve got my hips nice and far forward. As soon as I bend over you can see how my weight goes down the hill and it’s harder to balance. So it’s really important to have that body weight hanging right over the toe edge.

Putting It All Together

So we’ve shown you what the board’s going to do. And we’ve shown you how to stand. Now let’s put the board on and we’re going to put it all together and have a little go. Now we’re facing the wrong way to do a toe edge side slip because we need to be facing up the slope. So we need to turn over. The reason we want to roll over is just that we don’t lose any height on the slope and it’s a little bit easier than standing up and trying to do it. We’re going to turn the board up the slope slightly and you’re gonna let gravity do all the work for you. All you have to do is lie your back on the floor, lift this leg up and throw it down the hill.

Rolling over on the slope

Controlling The Toe Edge Side Slip

If I want to slow down, all I’m going to do is increase the pressure. So I’ll just push down harder, that will tilt the back of the board up.

Toe edge side slip

[00:02:25] If I want to release that grip, I’m just going to straighten my legs. Nothing else changes. You can see that that flattens the board off slightly. Again slowing down, I will just push down and increase that edge angle and weight.


[00:02:56] Let’s have a little recap. So you’ve now learnt how to do a toe edge side slip. That’s you sliding down the hill controlling your speed for the first time, being able to stop yourself. This gives you so much more confidence on your board once you’ve learnt this. We’ve also learnt how to direct your board. So you can move yourself around on the slope comfortably. Always remember to trust your instructor. Everything that they’re telling you is going to keep you safe. Some of the body positions that we ask you to do are going to feel really unnatural but anything that we ask you to do is just because it’s the most effective way to get the performance out of your snowboard.

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