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[00:00:03] Hi I’m Sarah Fish a snowsports instructor. We’re here today at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and I’m going to take you through a little video of how to learn how to do a heel edged side slip.

Body Position And Stance

A heel edged side slip is you controlling your speed for the first time using that edge. So to do this remember you’re going to have an instructor they’re going to assist you a little bit but we’re just going to go over your body position. So ankles and knees nice and bent, then you want to have your core engaged. Remember we don’t want to break at the waist because that breaks all those muscles that we use for balancing. So body nice and upright, making sure you’ve got your arms in line with the board. Maybe hover one hand over the nose and the tail. Really important, feel like you’re opening your chest up down to the bottom of the slope. It’s just going to help you keep in line with your board.

Heel Edge Grip And Slide

Now remember, nice snowboard stance even when one foot is attached and you can feel if that edge tilt is huge. I can’t push my board down the hill. It’s really, really gripped. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna release that grip by just letting my ankle joint open slightly. You can see that I can increase and decrease the angle of the board just by using that one joint in my body. So pushing the toes down I want you to try and slide the board down the slope.

Time To Strap Both Feet In

Now for the fun bit, you’re going to get to attached two feet to your snowboard for the first time. What you want to do is open all the straps up. Clear the binding free of any snow. Same as the bottom of your boot, just so you get a good boot to binding contact.

Putting It All Together

What I’m gonna do now is start to push down on my toes so that my feet are flattening off and my board is gonna release. You want to do this nice and gentle movement. Nothing sudden. Everything’s nice and relaxed on a snowboard. So letting my toes drop, you’ll see that I’m gonna start to move. If I want to go slower, I’m going to pick them back up and sink down into my heel bone. To start again, I’ll just release.


So we’re just gonna have a little recap. You’ve just learnt how to do a heel edged side slip. That’s you controlling your speed for the first time, learning how to stop your snowboard. It gives you so much more confidence knowing that you’ve now got control of this. Now it is really important to remember to trust your instructor. We’re gonna ask you to get into body positions that feel really unnatural.

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