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When is it too cold to ski?

There’s nothing like brisk mountain air to wake you up and get you going for a day’s skiing But whether it’s a bluebird day or -20°C , it’s never too cold to ski.

6 top tips for keeping cosy

1. Wrap up warm

We’re talking all the layers – thermal base layers, jumpers and hats along with your waterproof ski jacket and salopettes. Get the right gear and you’ll be toasty all day. Have a read of our ultimate guide on what to wear when you ski.

2. Pack the right accessories

Hand and toe warmers are little life-savers. A balaclava or buff will fend off the chilly winds. And not only are helmets essential for your safety on the slopes, they’re also lined and insulated so, believe it or not, they’re often warmer than hats.

3. Take breaks

If you’re feeling cold, pop into a mountain restaurant and grab a warm drink or some food. We’re big fans of hot chocolate as a natural cure for frosty fingers.

4. Keep moving

Just keep skiing to work up a sweat and get your heart racing. Between runs, make the most of the gondolas and covered chairlifts –they’re great breaks from the cold. And if you’re waiting for a mate, try to find a warm, sunny spot to stand in.

5. Stay dry

Bring along extra socks, gloves and thermals. It’ll be hard to stay warm if you get wet, so your back-ups will definitely come in handy.

6. Head to the spa

After a full day on the mountain, check out your nearest spa. Your achy ski muscles will thank you. Most resorts have a spa somewhere – and some cabins in Finland have their own private saunas.

The cold won’t be stopping you from skiing this season. Check out our latest deals, get packing and stay snug on the slopes.

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