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A step by step guide to comfortable ski boots

Choosing a pair of ski boots can be a daunting prospect so Snow+Rock have spent 30 years making the process as easy as possible.

Find your level

Boots vary depending on your ability and skiing style. A pair of ‘Recreational’ boots are traditionally softer and better suited to someone who likes to stick to the piste and ski in a gentle, relaxed manner. ‘Advanced’ boots are for people looking to progress and ski more challenging terrain. ‘Expert’ boots will be stiffer and give more support for skiers wishing to push themselves on and off-piste.

So to work out whether you’re looking for Recreational, Advanced or Expert boots, you’ll need to define your level. In order to do this, Snow+Rock have developed a level indicator:

  • Recreational level = 1-4 on their level indicator. This covers everyone from first time skiers, to those who are confidently skiing green and blue pistes with snowplough or basic parallel turns.
  • Advanced level = 5-7 on their level indicator. This category includes skiers who are confident parallel skiers on easy terrain, through to those exploring carving, higher speeds, easy red runs and even the park or off piste.
  • Expert level = 8-10 on the level indicator
. You are now a very competent skier and enjoy skiing all over the mountain. You challenge yourself with steeper, deeper, faster runs; bigger jumps; slalom courses; or instructor training.

Get fitted

In order to make sure everyone enjoys every minute of their skiing holiday, Snow+Rock have mastered the art of fitting ski boots. To do this, their technicians will look at your foot profile in order to select boots that best fit your feet. You will be offered a few to try and will be asked to perform some ‘flex’ tests in them to see which boot suits your biomechanics.

Feedback is essential at this stage to determine whether you have the right size and if you’ve had any previous issues with boots.


To finally create the perfect ski boot the technician will heat the inner linings, and sometimes the outer shell, and ask you to step back into them so they cool and set to precisely to the shape of your feet.

Decent bootfitters will also offer custom moulded footbeds. Not only do these improve the fit of your boots but they will help your posture. This, in turn, improves your power transference and performance on skis, as well as lessening fatigue. At Snow+Rock they offer this fitting service for free.

Constant developments in new ski boot technology means that modern ski boots are more comfortable, perform better, and are often warmer than their predecessors.


For peace of mind when purchasing your boots, Snow+Rock offer extensive guarantees including a Price Pledge* and Comfort Guarantee*, whereby they will re-fit for free if you find for any reason your boots are not blissfully comfortable whilst in action.

Hot this season

Salomon X Max range has new developments including 360 Custom Shell, Twin Frame and Oversized Pivot technology. Giving the ultimate in comfort and power transmission.

 Salomon X Max 120

Fischer boots feature a unique and revolutionary high-tech material – Vacu-Plast, which is 15% lighter than a comparable ski boot, twice as temperature stable and ultra adaptable. In-store the boot is heated and then compressed or vacuumed, via compressed air, to the exact shape of your foot. Snow+Rock are amongst a few select retailers to carry this technology.

Fischer boots 

Atomic uses Live Fit technology, where a soft section is introduced into the forefoot of the outer shell. This adapts to different foot shapes and gives all day comfort, without compromising on performance.

Atomic Live Fit 70 

Tecnica and Rossignol boots also feature technology innovations to maximise power transference into the ski. Giving maximum results for minimum effort.

View Snow+Rock’s extended range on their website.

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