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The Complete Guide to Ski Gear

Aweseom ski gear

Awesome ski gear

Whether you are a novice or an expert, skiing in comfort and style is important during your time on the snow. Before you head off for your holiday on the slopes, read this simple guide about everything you will need for a fantastic skiing holiday.

If you are a regular on the slopes, you may have considered purchasing the clothes that you will need. Buying ski gear can be expensive, so often hiring is a more suitable alternative. Hiring equipment can also be a better option for new skiers and riders, so take a look at our guide before making your decision. Find out what’s best for you and join the The Big Rent Vs. Buy Debate.

You can book your ski hire online before you even leave home, to guarantee they will be waiting for you on your arrival at the ski resort. For your time on the slopes, you will need to acquire a set of skis, poles or sticks and bindings. These are the vital pieces of equipment for your journeys up and down the piste.

Skis – as the name suggests, these are the fundamental piece of skiing equipment. Your choice of ski will depend on your experience and your intentions on the slopes. Whether you are hiring or purchasing skis, they must be suitable for your level of ability.

Poles/Sticks – ensure you get the right size poles to suit your height. These will be used to guide your direction down the runs, as well as maintaining speed as you use them to push into the snow. As you hold the pole, your arms should be bent at right angles ensuring the bottom of the pole is touching the snow.

Bindings – these attachments connect your boots to your skis. They are designed to release you from the skis during falls to prevent major leg injuries. Ensure when you hire or buy your bindings that you take your height, weight and ability into consideration.

There a six key items of clothing that will make up your ski outfit – boots, trousers, jacket, gloves, goggles and helmet. From head-to-toe, ensure you have all the right equipment for some terrific runs down the slopes by checking our guide below.

Ski Boots – these are probably the most important item of ski equipment that you will buy or hire. Comfort is vital when trying on your ski boots. Always try your boots on before you buy or hire them, ensuring you are wearing the correct socks in which you will ski. Too big or too small boots will affect your skiing abilities and can also be dangerous.

Trousers – keeping dry and warm is important when you are out on the slopes. A good pair of weather-proof trousers will help keep you dry and allow you to stay out on the snow for longer.

Jacket – when skiing, layers of clothes will ensure you keep warm while out on the runs for long periods of time. Complete your layers with a jacket that will keep the wind and rain out. Staying warm will enhance your skiing experience and you will enjoy yourself a lot more for buying or hiring a decent ski jacket.

Gloves – as anyone who has been in the snow before will know, it is extremely important that your hands are kept warm. As they are vital to your skiing technique, ensuring they function correctly is helped by the purchase of a warm, well-fitted pair of gloves. Get some that are suitable for skiing, not just everyday cold weather, as they will protect your hands if you fall while also allowing you more control of your ski poles.

Goggles – this valuable piece of equipment will help you when bombing down the piste as wind and snow hits your face. Ensure you can still see, even at high speeds, by getting hold of a good set of ski goggles. Alternatively, you can get a good pair of sunglasses, making sure that they offer protection from the elements as well as protection from the sun.

Helmet – it is not yet mandatory in all resorts to wear a helmet while skiing, but it is certainly advisable. Protect your head with a solid helmet and keep your body warm at the same time. If you aren’t going to wear a helmet, wear a warm hat or you will lose a lot of heat from your head while on the slopes.

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