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Ski gear – top skiing accessories for 2012 / 2013

Choosing the best ski gear for to get you through the winter can be tricky – there’s so much out there, where do you start?

We’ve taken a look at some of the brand new ski accessories that are available for 2012-2013 winter season – all of which are essential to compliment your ski jacket and pants during any holiday.

In this post we run though asome of the more innovative and exciting versions of these essential pieces of ski gear (that don’t necessarily conform to the basic entry level models that are also available).

Gloves: Hestra Ergo Grip Freeride

Hestra gloves are seriously good (I’ve been wearing them for about 20 years and don’t want to change!).

They also last for ages, not 20 years perhaps, but you will get lots of use out of a pair of Hestra gloves. This model is aimed at skiers who like to get a close feel of the pole and the minimal excess palm material (Proofed cowhide and goat leather) means the glove is very flexible and soft, whilst maintaining a high level of durability. I’m glad to say, they keep your hands warm too.

  • RRP £130

Hats and bandanas: Toots McSkibum

Not only do Toots hats look cool, they really keep your head warm.

Made in the UK and USA, Toots McSkibum have been making great hats and bandanas since 2009 and have wide selection of colours and styles to suit everyone! Their colour changing bandanas though are possibly the coolest thing you could wear on the slopes, breath on them and they change from one colour to another…lots of fun to be had riding the chairlift on a cold winters day.

  • RRP £22.49 to £27.99

Goggles: Scott Sports NAV-R-2

Now this really is a revolution in ski navigation technology.

In combination with Recon Instruments, you can have your very own GPS system built into your ski goggles so you’ll never get lost again. Your view is unobstructed as the tiny screen is housed in the lower right side of your goggle. The clever part is that when you do look at the screen, you don’t have to re-focus and the smart optics behind it means it’s like looking at a large screen. Other features include showing your speed, altitude and outside temperature. Also connect it to your smartphone, program in your route, download your days skiing and I’m sure you could program in your favourite après ski bar for the end of the day too.

  • RRP £110 (Total with navigation system £330 to £440)

Base layers: Falke Comfort Fit top and bottoms

Falke specialise in making base layers (otherwise known as thermal underwear) for skiers of all abilities.

The brand new Comfort Fit range is designed for recreational skiers (it’s not as tight as the pro line) and will keep you warm on the chairlift whilst regulating your temperature when skiing.

Made from synthetic materials, the plush inner makes use of Advansa’s patented Thermo Cool fabric designed to actively warm the wearer during periods of low activity whilst facilitating enhanced moisture transpiration during exertion so as to keep the wearer cool. These are serious under garments for skiers that really like staying warm and snug on those particularly cold days.

  • RRP £60 (per item)

Helmets: Scott Sports Chase Mips

These days on the slopes, it seems strange when you see someone without a helmet on rather than the other way around. They have become part of the everyday fabric of skiing at all levels and for all ages.

A brand new technology has been developed in Sweden by the neuronic engineering division of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. MIPS (multi directional impact protection system) is designed to protect against blows to the head by mimicking the low friction cerebral fluid (stuff between the skull and the brain) which therefore reduces the forces transmitted to your brain. Clever stuff and proven to be highly effective; soon all helmets will probably work like this, but for now you can buy one from the people at Scott.

  • RRP £124.99

Socks: Icebreaker men’s skier mid / women’s Smartwool PHD ski light

Anyone that has skied before knows how important a good pair of socks is. Not just for comfort, but also to keep those tootsies snug and warm all day long.

Icebreaker make merino wool garments which keep you warm but ‘breathe’ at the same time. This particular sock is especially designed for skiing and provides denser cushioning around the ankle.

Smartwool have designed a ski sock for women that mixes merino wool with nylon to provide more elasticity. Made using Smartwool’s 4-Degree fit system, they provide exceptional fit, comfort and versatility, while Duroyarn reinforcement in high impact areas protects and cushions the feet….not just any old socks then!

  • £19.99 a pair
  • Available from Snow+Rock

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