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Ski gadgets that can improve your winter holiday

Make your life easier, improve your skiing and lower your risk with some of these nifty ski gadgets.

Skiing is great fun and anyone that understands the feeling of freedom found sliding down a snowy mountain always craves for more of the same.

Still, it’s nice to make our life easier once in a while and help ourselves to improve that little bit extra, so I’ve got together a few nifty gadgets that do just that.

Ski Pole Position

It’s a strap!

Yes that’s right, Pole Position is a strap, but actually a very clever one.

Designed specifically to fit between your two ski poles, Ski Pole Position will help you improve your balance, co-ordination, pole planting and core strength.

Used by numerous ski schools, race clubs and even the worlds largest heli ski operation (CMH), this device fits easily into your pocket can be utilised instantly to get your skiing back into shape quickly.

All levels of skier can benefit from Ski Pole Position and it’s available to buy online wherever you are in the world.

Porta Ski

For anyone that has ever complained about having to carry their skis, then just get one of these.

Porta Ski neatly and quickly fits onto the base of your ski and its wheels allow for a smooth ride along any surface, including snow.

A well designed handle straps to the front of the skis making it so simple to pull along. Once you’ve arrived comfortably at your destination, simply whip them off and store in your pocket, backpack or locker.

It’s tough but still light at 217 grams and fits onto all types of ski.

It’s a British invention, manufactured in the UK and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  • Available online, £19.95 + £5.00 P&P.

Skia Sweetspot Trainer

Every ski has a ‘sweetspot’ where you find the perfect place to balance and stand on the ski.

Understanding where this sweetspot is will help to improve your overall skiing ability – it’s this subtle difference that helps make expert skiers turn so well.

The Sweetspot Trainer is a ‘dry land’ device (meaning you can use it in the living room!) that helps you find that perfect place to balance on your skis.

It’s designed for all levels of skier from beginner upwards and comes with 4 different settings, green, blue, red and black. Even the most advanced skiers will require all their skill to balance on the black level!

The British invention is endorsed by high profile ski instructors and schools including BASS (British Alpine Ski Schools).

Ski Mojo

On the face of it, this device seems a little bit like a get-out clause when it comes to skiing.

Shouldn’t we be fit enough to ski anyway? Well, the answer is yes we should, but Ski Mojo has been proven to help all skiers that suffer from breathlessness, sore legs and a stiff back ski all day long.

For strong skiers, there are many who claim it helps them ski even better for longer too. Most people only get to ski once or maybe twice a year, so maximising that time on the slopes is important and for many people who have hung up their skis for good, it provides a chance to once again enjoy the sport without the fear of running out of steam before lunch.

It’s a very clever piece of kit, requires no tooling to fit and is suitable for all levels of skier.

Another British invention, it’s available online and throughout the UK at several good retailers.

Skboot ski boot bag

Now here is a seriously stylish, functional and clever bag that stores your ski boots and more.

The Skboot ski boot bag comes in a variety of colours and sizes and is designed to include items such as your helmet, gloves, goggles and sunglasses.

The easy-roll, high quality in-line skate wheel and retractable trolley system ensures a smooth and effortless glide.

No more shoulder ache! This makes it multi-functional, so you can use it for any kind of travel, it even has a compartment for your laptop and apparently a medium size bag carries up to 12 pairs of shoes! Of course, you can use it to carry groceries or other luggage whilst you’re on holiday too.


Have you found any handy gadgets to make life easier on the slopes?

Leave us your tips in a comment below.

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