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Ski fashion through the decades

1982 vs 2012 [infographic]

Our friends over at Snowskool have released a new infographic we just had to share.

Firstly there’s a close examination of the fashion fads from the decade that brought us Spandau Ballet, leg warmers (the first time around), and neon onesies so bright you were in danger or burning your retinas.

Bringing it right up to the present day, they examine the park-rat look –  consisting of t-shirts sourced from a bariatric store twinned with a gangsta face-mask to protect you from ‘the law’ as you rip up the slopes is put under the microscope.

Will there ever be an era of ski fashion we look back on in years to come without thinking how ridiculous we looked?

An infographic by the team at Snowskool: providing newskool ski instructor courses

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