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Under Armour ColdGear – reviewed

Good ski base layers are essential

With the prospect of temperatures as low as -20 degrees (or colder), naturally one of the most important items of clothing for any ski/boarding trip is a set of good quality thermals or base layers. With the recent trip to Canada behind me, here’s what I made of the latest offering from Under Armour.

It was -15 degrees outside, I’d just woken up at 6am and needed to prepare for a day on the slopes. I had one of the red and black ColdGear designs in front of me, on top of which went two lightweight mid layers and a ski jacket. The first thing I noticed was just how tightly fitted the base layer was. The second is that, once dressed, you won’t want to stay indoors or sit at breakfast for too long (it certainly did its job of keeping the heat in).

Once outside and on the slopes I was impressed with how warm I was kept throughout. The temperature was pushing -20 degrees at the top of the chair lifts and mid morning I was forced to take a mid layer off. The following few days I continued to wear the Under Armour base layer, a mid layer and a ski jacket and at no point was I cold!

I like the designs (there are 6 to choose from) with my favourite probably being the midnight navy and steel combo. (The base layer also extends to cover part of the neck, which is a good feature).

Overall, I’m very impressed and would recommend Under Armour’s ColdGear to anyone going skiing or boarding. In really cold conditions it proved an excellent first layer against the cold and they’ll be one of the first items in the bag when I’m next heading out to the slopes.

By Jon Paget

If you’d like to find out more you can visit Under Armour on facebook. Whilst you’re there, be sure to check out the Crystal Ski page too.

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