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Luggage-friendly snow boots; meet the Teva Jordanelle

Once the cold weather arrived  in Britain, the thought of sliding around the snowy streets with my feet squashed into the latest footwear fashion fad was no longer an option I was  prepared to contemplate – even less so when I’m in freezing temperatures in a ski resort.

Now I’m in my thirties, practicality is increasingly becoming a primary concern (I can hear my mother’s words coming out of my own mouth  now – is this a worrying sign of middle age?)

So I was happy to discover a pair of snow boots that ticked the box not just in terms of comfort and practicality, but also on the style side too.

I’ve been tramping through Britain’s big freeze in my new Teva Jordanelle snow boots.

With a Spider rubber sole  even in the slush and hard packed ice on the pavements, my feet stayed firmly where I desired them to be – no Bambi style scrambling-to-stay-upright moments for me, thankfully.

Two boots for the price of one

The boots are actually two in one – with a removable  inner boot that pops out of the main lace-up boot, ideal for keeping your tootsies warm around the house, or around the chalet on your ski holidays too.

Being made of synthentic material, at the end of the day I was expecting to find that my feet would be clammy and more likely to be feeling the cold. With the Jordanelle this is certainly not the case. Peeling off my boots, after wearing them for 6 hours straight and my size-6s were warm and dry.

Not that anything was going to penetrate these bad boys anyhow. On the outside, attached to a chunky rubber sole, is a lace-up fabric outer boot that’s more flexible and lightweight than your average walking boot. Twinned up with Thinsulate insulation on the uppers, I have to say warmth-wise I have no complaints.

I suffer with cold hands and feet so if they can keep my feet cosy when I am outside all day, I have no hesitation in giving them a hearty recommendation.

Combined with the chunky laces this makes a great combination for a pair of snow boots that you can actually walk in.

Gone are the days of the Moon Boot shuffle – trudging round a ski resort trailing your laces in the slush. You can head out for a long walk in these boots knowing they will stay firmly in place on your feet.

They dry quickly too and being water repellent, don’t get water-logged in wet conditions.

Packable winter boots – no longer an oxymoron

My favourite aspect, though, has to be their weight – it’s just as comfy as wearing a pair of trainers with none of that heavy welly-wearing feeling.

This also becomes a real bonus when packing them for your ski trip – they won’t eat into your luggage weight allowance and are also crushable, so you can roll down the upper so they take up no more space than your usual runners would do.

Fantastic news, as wearing snow boots on your flight to save on space has never been an attractive prospect for me.

In a perfect world…

My only slight disappointment is they squeak a little bit when you walk and I guess this will wear off as they boots get worn in. They were rubbing me slightly on my heels when I first tried them on but this was likely my fault for wearing the boots loose. Once I tightened up the laces, this problem disappeared.

All in all, a great investment for the winter weather.

Where to buy

Teva Jordanelle boots are available from the Snow+Rock website, in black and beetroot red, RRP £110.

There is also a men’s version, the Teva Chair 5, RRP £110 as pictured above – again available from Snow+Rock.


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