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Freeride suits – which is best?

SnowMoment was born from the revolution in the snow sports industry. They champion the most cutting edge ski wear clothing and equipment, from the world’s leading brands. They live and breathe skiing, filling the gap between what the high street chains offer and what modern, progressive riders demand. In this article, they compare two of their most high tech ski suits on sale this season.

If there is one thing we can count on from the ski industry, it’s that fashions come and go, but there will always be one product each season that stands clear of the crowd. This year we doubt you will find any item of ski wear which will make you drool as much as the full Gore Tex freeride suits from Sweet Protection and Norrona. Here, we aim to give you an impartial opinion on which of these hyper technical and insanely in-vogue suits to go for.

Sweet Protection Flightsuit

Let’s start with the Flightsuit from Sweet Protection. This suit has been around in various guises for a few years, but there’s a new look for this season. Although it comes in Blue and Yellow, we think that the best option to go for is the Catchup Red / Charcoal. Sweet Protection say in their branding “In terms of weather protection, the Sweet Protection Crusader Flightsuit is second only to the NASA space suit”.  This is a big claim, but in terms of snow protection we see their point. The fabric was only ever going to be 3 Layer Gore Tex Pro Shell, as this is the premium membrane used by Sweet Protection throughout the whole Crusader range. The suit is a true backcountry powder charger, and seeing as it’s a suit, it won’t let anything through. The inside legs, which is where most of the wear happens, are reinforced with tough Codura fabric. There are vents to cool you down on hot days, both underarm and what Sweet Protection call “Gunslinger vents”, on the leg; and pockets are everywhere you would want them, and nowhere you don’t.

Norrona One Piece

So now to the other competitor, the Norrona One Piece. Like the Sweet Protection suit, this has also had a few reincarnations, with every version building on the success of its predecessor. It would be fair to say, at this point, that these two suits are the choice of the world’s top pro riders for a reason. We saw quite a few in the famous freeride haunt of St Anton last season, so it’s clear they’re growing in popularity amongst hardcore skiers out there. So what features does the stunning Norrona One Piece boast, then? Well for your thousand pounds or Euros, you get the latest Gore Tex membrane in two different fabrics. The upper section is Ripstop stretch, and the legs are Aramid reinforced Gore Tex.  The Norrona Suit has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a shell garment of unrivaled quality – including pockets galore, gaiters for snow, goggle wipe, radio pocket, YKK water resistant zippers and Gore Tex taped seams.


And the winner is…

So after all of that which one is best? Well both the Sweet Protection and Norrona suits are miles ahead of the competition. It’s a little like when the iPhone first came out; there really is nothing that can touch them. Yes they are expensive, but add up a pair of high end pants and a jacket and you can easily exceed the price of these suits. I think that the suits are so close in terms of technical design, that it really comes down to a matter of taste. Sweet Protection has massively toned down their color schemes for this season, with the bright greens and reds replaced by the charcoal and Catchup red. I like this style, but Norrona have set themselves apart by offering the Bamboo Green, which looks stunning set against the red YKK zips. Both the Norrona and Sweet Protection suits are by far the best choice if you are an aspiring freerider, so don’t hesitate, drop in to Snowmoment and see what we offer.

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