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Get your goggles on – Oakley Flight Deck – Ski-buzz review

At Ski-Buzz, we’re always excited when we get our hands on some of the latest tech – so imagine how made up we were when a pair of Oakley’s new frameless Flight Deck goggles dropped onto our doormat.

The first thing you’ll notice is how absolutely massive the lens is. As well as looking awesome, getting rid of the frame gives you a huge range of vision. Peripheral vision is a legitimate concern when cruising down the slopes (errant ski school kids, anyone?), but with these on you’ll be able to see what’s coming and take evasive action. Wearing any other pair of goggles after this will make you feel like you’re watching an old 4:3 TV, rather than your 60 inch widescreen.

As well as increasing vision, the lack of frame means that changing lenses is a doddle. We managed to pop out the (awesome) Fire Iridium lenses in under 5 seconds, meaning that you’ll be ready for whatever conditions the mountain has to throw at you.

There are loads of different lens colours, and they use “Prizm” contrast technology, which will make it really easy to make out the terrain on your favourite run. We haven’t managed to make it out onto the slopes yet, but we stepped outside our office on a particularly sunny day, and there was no glare at all and making out confused passers-by was no trouble.

Comfort wise, the goggles are well padded, although we found extended use pressed slightly against our sinuses. Maybe our head’s are just a bit misshapen…

Overall, we’d definitely recommend grabbing the Flight Decks – the range of vision is amazing, and the hi-tech frames will allow you to own the mountain.

Pick your pair up at Shadestation from only £120 – bargain.

You can also check out their other Oakley goggles here.

Check them out in action when one of our team went urban skiing:

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