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Equipment – The Snowboarding Essentials

Whether you are new to snowboarding or have been riding for years, take a look at our basic guide to snowboarding equipment to ensure you head to the slopes with everything you need. Snowboarding equipment is vital to both your enjoyment on the slopes and how well you will be able to snowboard.

Ensure your equipment is suitable and to a required standard before hitting the piste. If you are a new snowboarder, it is recommended that you hire your snowboarding equipment from our experienced suppliers. Buying brand new snowboarding gear can be expensive so hire your gear until you are more confident on the slopes.

There are three main pieces of snowboarding equipment that you must have before even setting foot on the snow:

Snowboard – obviously the most important piece of snowboarding equipment, your snowboard should be suitable for the type of boarding you will be doing on the slopes. There are a few different types of snowboard available: Racing, Freeride, Freestyle, Park/Jib, All-Mountain and Split. Check out our snowboard guide to see which would be most suitable for you.

Boots – choosing the right snowboarding boots is just as important picking your correct snowboard. You must ensure they fit correctly before setting foot onto the slopes. Ask for help in the shop, or at the resort, when buying or hiring your snowboarding boots as they will understand the right style and size to suit your needs.

Bindings – these are vital to your balance and ability to control your snowboard. Whether you are using strap-in or step-in bindings, their main function is to ensure the snowboard is securely fastened to the rider’s feet. Ask a professional for help when choosing your bindings, especially if you are new to snowboarding.

So, now you know what you will need to get on the slopes for the first time. These are just the basics to begin snowboarding so before taking your board onto the snow, take a look at The Complete Guide to Snowboarding Gear and hit the piste with vigour and verve.

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