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A non skier goes exploring in Alpe d’Huez

When our team recently visited Alpe d’Huez, they took one of the few of us who doesn’t ski. It’s becoming more common for non skiers to come along and enjoy all that’s on offer in resort, while the rest of the groups hit the slope. This is what she made of it.

Mid afternoon on a Wednesday and we’re greeted by our chalet hosts with afternoon tea at the ready – delicious chocolate cake with a lovely cup of tea. To be clear, I don’t mean the ‘holiday’ tea you always get, which never really tastes like tea but proper, traditional English Breakfast. The evening was spent settling into the chalet, with all the skiers getting their ski gear sorted for the following day.

Friday was full of exploring for me. I got up with the rest of the group and headed up the bucket lift (only a 30 second walk from the Chalet Telemark) to the bottom of the ski slopes to see the guys off. The resort is really easy to get around as a non skier with loads of chairs lifts, a bucket lift and a gondola. Once I’d helped a couple of the beginner skiers get their boots on and watched them ski off, I headed back down the mountain to the mid station to go and check out the outdoor swimming pool.

It was a complete white out so visibility was really poor but once I arrived you could see the steam coming off the pool – it looked so good I decided to head in. It cost €7 for me to use the pool as long as I wanted. If I’d been staying for 7 nights and had a 6 day lift pass I could have gone in free as part of the package – the ice rink is the same. Truthfully, the swimming pool wasn’t as warm as the steam suggested so I had to keep moving to stay warm – particularly as there was still a lot of snow coming down. After a while I decided to get out and head inside for a milkshake.

For the afternoon I headed up to Folie Douce at the top of Marmottes1 to check out the après scene. Even as a non skier, the atmosphere is amazing. There’s people dancing on tables and partying hard. It’s a great spot up the mountain, easily accessible from the Belambra and with some cruising blues back down to resort. Have no fear though because if you’re not a skier, or not confident on blues yet, the chair lift will also take you back down (last lifts about 5pm).

Our last night was hilarious. We stayed in at the chalet and decided we’d make use of the board games and play monopoly – never have I seen such a competitive game. The banter about who was the best player and who was going to win was something else. It was a great night in with friends.

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