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Packing for a family ski trip

So your holiday’s booked, you’ve bragged about it to everyone who’ll listen, and the kids are practising their best snowball fight technique – now you just need to work out what to pack.

Make a list and check it twice

Packing for a ski trip takes a little more planning than your average summer holiday – t-shirts and flip flops won’t cut it when you’re spending a week in the snow-covered mountains – so we’ve put together a list of all the essentials.

If it’s your first time skiing and you haven’t got your own gear, it can be worth raiding the wardrobes of friends and family to borrow jackets, ski trousers, thermals and goggles. If you’re buying your own stuff, scout around high street shops and online to nab the best deals.

Of course, you’ll also need some normal clothes to wear when you’re not on the slopes, but ski resorts tend to be pretty casual places, so there’s no need to bring a ton of outfit options. Warm, comfy clothing will see you through most of the day, from activities to meals – though it might be worth throwing in something dressier if you’re planning a special evening out.

Given children are prone to losing things, there’s no harm in packing a spare set of smaller things like gloves. If you haven’t already, get some name tags on their gear too, as things easily get swapped at ski school and kindergarten.

Weigh up your options

Given how much you need to fit into your suitcase, you’ll definitely need to consider baggage allowance when you book. All TUI flights offer 20kg per person – or 23kg if you’ve booked Our Finest accommodation – and infants also get 10kg. Allowances do vary across airlines though, and some don’t include infant luggage, so check with your airline, or take a look out the info available on the Crystal website.

And don’t worry about all the gear you need for a baby – you can pre-book a travel cot in our chalets and loads of hotels, and you’ll get a free car seat if you opt for a private transfer.

Crystal Packing Checklist

• Warm, waterproof outerwear
You’ll need either an all-in-one snowsuit or a jacket and salopettes (ski trousers) to keep you warm and dry on the slopes.

• Thermal layers
Also called base layers, these long-sleeved tops and leggings made of thermal material are essential for maintaining body heat.

• Ski gloves
Thick, waterproof gloves will keep your fingers warm. Mittens might be easier for young children to put on by themselves.

• Ski socks
Long, thin, seamless socks will keep your feet toasty in your ski boots and help prevent blisters.

• Goggles or sunglasses
The sun’s glare on snow can be blinding, especially to kids, so make sure you protect your eyes.

• Warm, outdoor shoes or boots
No one likes cold, damp feet, so a good pair of shoes is vital when you’re walking the snow-covered streets of the resort.

• Hat, scarf and gloves
Just like in winter at home, you’ll want to cover up as much as possible whenever you’re out and about.

• Sun cream
Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburnt – the reflective snow and high altitude mean your skin needs UV protection.

• Lipbalm
The mountain air can really dry out your lips, so a tube of lipbalm is always handy.

Raring to go? Find more inspiration on the best resorts and accommodation for families, plus details on childcare.

And if you still need to buy some ski gear, take a look at the great range from Surfanic

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