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My ski holiday – by Ella, 10

Ella Davis is ten years old. She loves art, plays the keyboard and has been skiing since she was three years old. Her favourite band is One Direction and if she had to eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be pizza. Here are the highlights of her family ski holiday to Geilo, Norway.

Bumps and jumps

We went on a skiing holiday to Geilo, Norway and all of it was really fun and amazing! I really liked it because there was always something to do and enjoy. There was 7 of us: Ella 10 (me), Zak 6, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad and Nanny.

Firstly, in Geilo it is very empty if you go at the right time, and if you do you will be shocked because of the amount of people there is. It was like having your own groomed slope! It was nice having your own space because you didn’t have people skiing in front of you, but you could feel free to do want you want rather than being stuck in your own section. And the runs were really wide so it makes it easier.

Secondly, in Geilo there is a vast amount of jumps that you can choose to go on. Like in a snowboarding park, but you don’t have to be a snowboarder to try it. There are loads of different jumps. There are some that are really big, which I tried and I only fell over once which was really fun. The park was quiet but there were some people doing some amazing tricks and spinning upside down.

If you don’t like jumps there is lots of varied runs to go on, there is something for everyone, which we found useful. It was mostly easy green and blue runs, but there were some black runs that were pretty hard too! I tried out everything but I prefer the middle hardness runs.

Dad, Zak, me and Mum

There are amazing cafés that do really nice hot chocolates, that are even better when you have just been skiing in the mountains! Because you’ve been really cold and then the hot chocolate makes you feel really warm.

On the fourth day, we went sledging and that was amazing. We would take the lift up to the top of the mountain and then we got on our sledges and zoomed down the sledge path! We were the only people doing it and you could go really fast. My mum went really fast and my Nan got really scared whilst doing it too because she doesn’t like things that go really fast.

Lastly, in the cabin you could make your own fire and when or if you do the smell fills the cabin and it is an amazing experience. Where we stored our skis there was a big block of wood where dad had to chop up smaller pieces of wood for the fire. As well as that there was a sauna in the cabin which was really good when you have just been skiing and you feel all warm again!

The mountain to ourselves

Finally, I really enjoyed this holiday and I preferred it to all the skiing holidays that I have been on! I’ve been to Whistler in Canada and lots of places in France. It had much more activities to do other than skiing.

I would recommend this holiday to anyone any age, any level at skiing!

Take a look at my video of me and my little brother skiing:


Crystal are proud to be returning to Norway, offering ski holidays in Geilo, Hemsedal and Beitostolen for winter 2013/14. 

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