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Childcare, ski lessons for kids, and more, for getting the best family skiing experience for you

A new ski season is fast approaching, so maybe it’s time for some fresh family ideas? Helen, our childcare expert at Crystal, covers childcare options, ski lessons for kids and whether Will, Kate and little George would ski with us.

The saying may be a little cliché but a great family ski holiday really is different for every family. Trying to tick all the boxes to make it a perfect experience is tough for any parent and what really makes it count when choosing where to go.

Maybe it’s a child friendly hotel or chalet you’re looking for, with all these facilities that everybody wants? Or, maybe it’s the Crystal childcare to keep your  little ones safe, happy and well looked after throughout your holiday. Being a parent on a ski holiday can be made easier, you just need to make the right decisions on what’s best for you. Read on to find out how Crystal have highlighted the best childcare options by them, as well as their trusted partners, and what they have to offer a family. Discover how this would really work for you.

How do I know that Crystal childcare is that special then? 

Well for a start,  families gave Crystal childcare a 99% excellent and good rating in their customer feedback for winter 2012/13, so they must be doing something right? The main aim is to take the hassle out of a family holiday and offer the very best quality of care for families by understanding what parents need. 

For example, the concern of leaving very young children in childcare for the first time. Children as young as 6 months old can be popped into the Pepi Penguin club. It’s designed very much around the needs of the very small ones; they are kept happily entertained, enjoying games and stories and their brilliant first experiences of snow. After all, how much fun is it to build a snow man? 

But is there something suitable for the older kids? 

So maybe your child has skied a little before, and they are looking for something a little different? Well,  Crystal also offer the Whizz kids and Whizzclusive clubs, designed for kids aged 3 to 11 year olds. The aim of the game is to get them having as much fun as they can, loving their time in the snow and perfecting the art of skiing.

Of course, it is also understandable that some children don’t take to the skiing part as quickly as others, so the Whizz kids is also available for the non-skiing children.  From this winter onward, Whizzclusive really does mean inclusive. Kids ski hire, lessons, afternoon care, pick up and drop offs at ski schools and lunches, and lots more is all included in the price. A helpful solution for hassle-free parent thinking.

You don’t offer Crystal childcare in the resort I prefer – what’s on offer?

Dad’s got his favourite resort and knows the slopes like the back of his hand. He wants to take his eldest along but the little one is too young for ski school . This is a frequent problem for a ski family. If you’re looking for a different resort, with a handy kids club, children’s playroom and evening care where Crystal childcare isn’t offered in – Well, there’s good news… Childcare Recommended by Crystal.

What’s the difference – surely it’s the same thing?

Childcare recommended by Crystal is all about the flexible choices. Run by Crystal’s trusted partners, there’s a huge range of kids clubs and crèches on offer each with their own selling points, strengths and general family focus. The idea isn’t to cover everything that Crystal childcare has to offer, but more to help families choose something suitable, depending on their children’s needs, without being restricted to resorts offering Crystal childcare.

Ultimately, would this all be fit for a future King?

If so, where would you recommend the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose for their first family ski?

The scene of Prince William popping his new born baby boy into the back of his car and then casually driving off was somewhat a refreshing sight. It painted this picture that the royals are just like everybody else.  We’re sure the fab Crystal childcare would suit them down to the ground, but there’s this feeling we have – it may provide just a little too much media focus on them.

But do not fear, Will and Kate, we’ve found a couple of spots where you guys can get your ski holiday fix.

We wonder if they’ve been to Ischgl? They could always try the Family Resort Seiblishof, with an excellent kids club. We’re sure Prince George will fit right in with the arts and crafts, theatre performances and mini discos (when he’s old enough).

We’ve also never seen pictures of the royals skiing in Whistler.  If the little prince is capable of travelling that far we’re sure the baby club in the 5 star Westin Resort & Spa would be the perfect choice for all the family.

Back down to earth, with a bit of a bang, but what if it’s quite simply a great family hotel or chalet I’m after?

Well, Crystal has highlighted their 70 favourite family hotels across a couple of different continents and plenty of resorts.

If all that doesn’t help you choose a family ski holiday that’s right up your street, we really don’t know what will. Why not tell us, on Facebook or Twitter?- we’re always up for hearing how we can make your ski holiday work better for your family.


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