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5 steps to a great family ski holiday

Follow our 5 steps to a great family ski holiday and you’re (almost) guaranteed to have a great time…

1) Pick a family-friendly resort – The most important part of your holiday will be the resort where you choose to ski. Your children’s ages and your skiing abilities will need to be taken into consideration. Choose somewhere with suitable childcare or ski school facilities and you and your kids will have the time of your lives.

2) Pre-book childcare – Unless you are going to spend every moment of your ski holiday together, ensure that your child will be cared for in an excellent childcare facility. For really young kids, think about a private nanny service for added peace of mind. Kids of all ages can enjoy the slopes but be careful how long they spend out in the snow. You don’t want to come back to a crying child because they hate being cold.

3) Pack everything you need – Remember how cold it can get out on the slopes, so make sure your child is well protected against the elements. Gloves, socks, hats as well as all the basics will ensure your child is kept warm. Sun protection is just as important in many resorts so pack them a high factor suncream and sunglasses/goggles. Make yourself a holiday checklist to guarantee that nothing is left behind.

4) Hire your kids’ equipment – Your child’s safety is paramount. Ensure they are fully equipped for their days on the mountains by hiring the best ski gear available to you. Don’t forget that in many resorts it will be compulsory for your child to wear a ski helmet so check the laws before you travel and more importantly, make sure they are safe.

5) Enjoy your freedom – Don’t forget, this is your ski holiday too. If your children head off alone or join the local kids club, take the time apart to make the most of your freedom. Enjoy yourself and you will all have so much to talk about when you meet up again.

Family skiing holidays are a great way of spending valuable time together with your children and alone with your partner. Kids will love the chance to meet other kids and play in the snow, so don’t worry too much about if they are alright. Be positive about your day and this will in turn rub off on them. Ski holidays are supposed to be fun so follow these simple rules and have as good a time as possible.

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